‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Let’s Talk About That Blue Mustang and ‘All the Smoke’

How about that Power Book II season finale? Those who doubted the Tariq as Ghost 2.0 saga would be worthy of a look changed their minds with the last few episodes, and in the season closer, a fan prediction came true.

After months of speculation and a hunt for tiny clues, a famous blue Mustang in the frame signaled the coming of someone big. It was big like seeing a UFO land on the ground or Jon Snow’s resurrection. Power’s master killer rolled up and turned the episode inside out.

“Many men, many, many, many, many men… Wish death ‘pon me.”

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the Power Book II: Ghost season finale, “Heart of Darkness”]

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in 'Power'
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power’ Season 5 | Starz

Tommy is back

Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees have all had badass comebacks in new chapters of their stories, and Tommy Egan’s was comparable in Power Book II: Ghost.

Sure, some fans may still be mad at him for offing Proctor, but his presence in the show’s season finale was welcome and increased the danger factor. Fans went crazy with excitement.

He didn’t even have to speak. Why? All Tommy had to do was lick off some shots and steer his Mustang to let everyone know he was back in town. The look on Tasha’s face when she saw the electric blue hot rod peel off was priceless.

With a vengeance in his heart against Tasha for snitching, Tommy did a drive-by at Monet’s to catch her off guard. But when Tariq tracked him down to talk, it wasn’t a sweet reunion.

“I gave Ghost my word I wouldn’t kill you, but I swear to God if you don’t get your skinny a*s up off my ride I will beat you’re a*s right now,” threatened Tommy. He is rightfully heated that Tasha named him as Ghost’s killer and as a kingpin, earning herself more reasons to get back on his hit list.

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Tariq helped Tommy trick the feds but it ain’t over

Though Tasha created this whole mess for Tommy, Tariq masterminded a plan to get the feds off his back. After he explained to Tommy — no longer Uncle Tommy — killing his mom wouldn’t end his problems, the OG wasn’t trying to hear it. “I want all the smoke,” Tommy declared.

Tariq engineered Tommy faking his death in that car chase, but the beef with Tasha is NOT over. Tommy was willing to clip her in the cemetery and Tariq, thinking like Ghost, thwarted the attempt with Monet’s help. Now Tasha is in witness protection and forever on the run.

Tommy’s spinoff ‘Power Book IV: Force’ set to be violent

The Power Book II: Ghost finale provided a small assist to set up Tommy’s spinoff story. The world believes he’s dead and he severed ties with the St. Patricks, so if he gets back into the NYC drug game, things can go in any direction.

At the end of Power Season 6, Tommy headed to California, but not before making enemies out of the Serbians, Paz, and two Italian mob families (Benny’s and Vincent’s). Now that he and Monet are on each other’s radars, the two could possibly meet up in a future crossover.

Power creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp shared a few hints about the new series and promised there will be lots of action, sex, and violence. She described it as being like the OG Power.

During a recent Instagram Live session, she also said she has plans for Proctor’s daughter Elisa Marie but wouldn’t give details. It’s assumed the character will pop up in Tommy’s series as they both seem to have some unfinished business with each other.

Remember that Paz was looking for him to avenge Angela’s death — something else Tasha snitched on him for — and that may come back to haunt Tommy too.

If his Mustang is spotted in the city again by any of these characters or Saxe the persistent crusader, it will make for some fire TV. Between his criminal endeavors, old beefs, and quest to kill Tasha, Tommy will be one to watch.

Stay tuned for updates on Power Book IV: Force.