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Everything is hinging on Tameika’s testimony as Power Book II: Ghost heads into the midseason finale. Tariq is still holding on to what he knows about Saxe and Tasha doesn’t know it. Will she get out of jail?

At school, business is booming but Monet is still suspicious about Tariq and his place in her family’s operation. Here’s what went down in episode 7 of Book 2.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Power Book II: Ghost, episode 5, “The Gift of the Magi”]

'Power Book II: Ghost' with Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ with Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq | Courtesy of Starz

Tariq plays it close to the chest

Tasha wakes up from a dream where they celebrated Tariq’s birthday with her mother, Yasmine, and Raina. Jarred by the dream, she looks at a picture of the family and calls Tariq to wish him a happy birthday. He rushes off the phone because Cane’s waiting for him. They drive to Monet’s.

Across town, Saxe pops up on Tameika to beg her not testify on Tasha’s behalf. She’s not worried about him and suggests he drops the charges. He says he can’t and won’t reveal why, so she kicks him out.

Before Tariq and Cane arrive, Monet schools Diana on how to control men, and explains it’s not all about sex. Ramirez pulls up and Monet uses him as an example. When he comes to the door, she’s mean to him and blows him off. He leaves confused and upset.

Cane and Tariq arrive and see Ramirez leaving. Tariq asks about him. Cane only gives basic information about keeping a crooked cop on the payroll.

They go inside and Monet speaks with Tariq privately about Dru’s drawing. She wants to know who the guy is, and Tariq directs her to ask Zeke. He leaves after receiving a text from Saxe to meet up.

Saxe is scheming

Saxe tells Tariq about Tameika’s subpoena. He doesn’t care until Saxe admits he told her he was at Truth and that someone saw him. Tariq is a little concerned but leaves.

He calls Tasha and tells her he saw Saxe that night and Tasha is upset that she’s just finding this out. She’s pissed and tells him he’s just like his father. She wants to call Davis so he can pull the subpoena to keep Tameika off the stand.

Saxe is also plotting with his goofy niece, Riley. She tells her Uncle Nancy she’s spying on Tariq’s phone conversations because she’s spending nights with Brayden Weston. He instructs her to observe and report but she’s just like him so that won’t happen.

Tasha meets with Davis about Tameika. He’s not retracting the subpoena because it’s their best shot at winning. Tasha is not happy that he’s not doing what she tells him to do.

Tariq blows up, Tameika tells it all

Back at school, Reynolds scolds Tariq about Black male stereotypes since he showed up late for class again. Things go left after Reynolds mentions his parents and Tariq goes off. He tells him to stop trying to be his father and storms off.

In a quick meetup with Dru, he learns Monet was testing his loyalty when she asked about the drawing. Dru warns him to look out for himself. At home, Monet coaches Diana on how to watch and rein in Tariq to find out how he’s moving weight.

Brayden and Riley are at a liquor mart and she probes him about Tariq. He talks a little too much but they’re interrupted when Zeke walks in. Brayden invites him to a surprise party for Tariq. While he’s chatting with Zeke, Riley texts Saxe some intel about Tariq randomly going missing during the day.

Reynolds meets with his agent and learns he has one last chance. Tariq tracks him down at the café to apologize for his earlier outburst and to turn in his late assignment.

Tasha calls Tariq with the update about Davis and Tameika. She’s sad but Tariq is ready to take responsibility. Tasha isn’t with it and urges him to talk to Tameika.

He visits her at home with a gun hidden in his pocket. He tells her about Saxe and then runs Tommy’s name as the shooter. As Tameika asks more questions, Davis knocks on the door and bogarts his way in. Tariq hides and then slips out the back door. Tameika gives Davis the skinny.


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Tariq is roofied and it goes downhill

Tariq walks into his own party at the frat house. After cussing Brayden’s brother out for spilling a drink on him, he goes to the bathroom to clean up, put his gun in his backpack, and call Tasha. Tameika still wants to testify. Meanwhile, Riley quizzes Brayden about Tariq until he gets pissed and tells her to refill his drink. She drugs it.

Tariq tries to leave the party but Zeke, Dru, and Diana show up and convince him to stay. Dru runs into his art class beau but dude acts like he doesn’t know him. Dru walks out.

Things gets mixed up when Lauren comes in and Brayden notices. He runs to Tariq to warn him and passes him the roofied drink.

Tariq walks off with Lauren, leaving Diana standing there by herself. He walks upstairs while sipping on the drink and Riley spots him. She’s worried.

Zeke wanders into a café and spots Professor Milgram working alone. Somehow, he seduces her with small talk and they hook up in the bathroom.

Intoxicated Tariq passes out while talking to Lauren. She leaves the room and Riley sneaks in to go through Tariq’s bag and to activate the locator on his phone. They don’t realize it’s Brayden’s brother’s room and he catches her leaving. He goes in and kicks Tariq out.

Tariq tells Brayden off on his way out and bumps into Diana on the stoop. Still off from the roofie, he sits for a second to check on her and she spots the gun in his bag. She snatches it when he’s not looking. Still out of it, Tariq heads home, changes into a suit, and visits the cemetery while inebriated.

He talks to Raina’s headstone before moving to Ghost’s where he gives an emotional confession. He doesn’t realize Riley told Saxe about the location tracker on his phone.

She called her uncle to tell everything she did and he’s not happy she broke the law in 18 different ways. She’s just like him. Saxe goes to the cemetery and records Tariq spilling his drunk guts to tombstones.

Back on campus, Reynolds is in his office reading Tariq’s paper. He decides it’s so great, he’s going to plagiarize it for his own book.

Tariq wakes up the next morning in his suit with little memory of the previous night. Brayden is mad because he thinks Tariq is ungrateful. They hash things out and Tariq opts to tell him about the arrangement with the Tejadas. He adds Zeke doesn’t know and it needs to stay that way.

They come up with a code for their chess board in case one of the Tejadas comes looking for him. In Queens, Diana reports to Monet and they disagree about Diana’s approach with Tariq. She hands over Tariq’s revolver and Monet is angry because it’ll be obvious the piece is missing.

Tariq gets screwed over

A new problem is created when Brayden’s brother unlocks the Weston family dorm room and finds the boys’ drug stash hidden in the fireplace mantel. Of course, he steals everything because no one’s in there to stop him.

Tariq is at the Tejadas and after being frisked, answers Monet’s interrogation questions. When she asks which of her children can she trust the most, he says, “Me.” That makes her happy and she makes Cane give his gun to Tariq. Cane doesn’t like having to give up his own possession to an outsider.

Over at the federal building, MacLean and Saxe compare notes and decide to help each other. They each know all the dirt now. The plan? Clear Tasha’s name and nail Tariq for James St. Patrick’s murder.

Power Book II: Ghost returns in December.