‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: 3 ‘What the — ?’ Moments in Episode 2

Power Book II: Ghost dropped its second episode in what’s shaping up to be a tale about Tariq, Tasha, and the Tejadas. In the Book 2 premiere, viewers learned about Tariq’s new balancing act and Tasha’s lack of a legal strategy. The former Mrs. St. Patrick thought it was a good idea to implicate Tommy in Ghost’s murder.

Fans were also introduced to the Tejada family and quickly found out they’ll be playing a role in how Tariq navigates the drug game and his academic life. What didn’t happen in that first episode is a scene that’s been teased in the series’ trailer: Ghost’s funeral.

Longtime Power viewers know that event alone holds the potential for a smart, zany, or ridiculous setup. Here are three moments from episode 2 that may have caught you off guard.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Power Book II: Ghost Episode 2: “Exceeding Expectations”]

Power Book 2 with Tariq
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ scene with Michael Rainey, Jr. as Tariq | Courtesy of Starz

Rapper LightSkinKeisha appears in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

It’s unclear whether the Atlanta rapper just made a cameo or if she’ll have a recurring role, but LightSkinKeisha plays one of Tariq’s classmates. If you’re not familiar with her music or seen her on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, you may have missed her appearance where her character, Brushaundria Carmichael, shares her passionate opinion about Great Expectations.

Power is known for its occasional celebrity castings, but this one is a surprise and fans of LightSkinKeisha just received the news. Rewatch the episode and decide for yourself whether you like the character. Stay tuned to see if she’ll be in any more episodes.

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Tate showed up at the funeral

Leading up to the graveside ceremony, Tariq was under a lot of pressure about whether to trash his father’s name or uphold it during the eulogy.

Stern actually gave him great advice so he wouldn’t jeopardize the family’s financial assets by speaking talking about his dad’s criminal exploits, and then Tasha decided she’d make the speech.

Once she arrived at the service — dressed up in handcuffs — Davis McLean decided he didn’t want her to do it because of the shackles. Saxe and Steven Ott suggested someone else eulogize James St. Patrick: Rashad Tate.

He walked up and said he’d be more than happy to do it, which viewers know was a lie. Fans know how Tate operates. Just note his presence at the funeral is for media attention and to suck up to the DNC and we’ll see how this all plays out with Tasha’s case.

Blanca Rodriguez returns

Perhaps one of the most unexpected moments in this Book 2 episode was the grand entrance of everyone’s favorite NYPD detective, Blanca Rodriguez. We know she is no one’s friend in this show, but after the way Saxe treated her in the Power series finale, she had an ax to grind.

Nevertheless, it was still a “What the ___?” surprise moment when she waltzed into the judge’s chambers to defend Tasha’s name in this bogus RICO case. Not Blanca, right?

She can’t stand Tasha, but Rodriguez is ready to take down dirty Saxe by any means necessary. Now that we know she is back on the scene, it’s not unreasonable to think she’ll stick around to investigate and disprove the queen pin theory. Watch out, Saxe and Tommy Egan.