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After episode 4 of Power Book II: Ghost, fans continue to wonder about the importance of Professor Milgram and her ex-lover Jabari Reynolds. Both are invested in Tariq’s progress at Stansfield, but there’s also a side story going that involves their unhealthy personal relationship and issues of power.

Scan social media and there are plenty of viewers commenting about the necessity of their subplot. There are six more episodes left in season 1 to figure this out, but there’s a way these two may connect to the larger arc.

'Power Book 2'
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ with Melanie Liburd as Cardid Milgram and Justin McManus as Jabari Reynolds | Starz

What’s known about Milgram and Reynolds

As explained in the show, Caridad (Carrie) Milgram and Jabari used to be engaged years ago. They broke up, parted ways, and for some reason Milgram helped Jabari land a gig at Stansfield five years later.

Milgram is also a love and sex addict and that plays a role in her decision-making. She’s described as being overly involved as an advisor. We also know that she has old ties to Tariq’s lawyer, Davis MacLean. That detail is very important.

On the flip side, Reynolds is manipulative when it comes to women but seems to have a soft spot for Tariq and wants to act as a father figure for him. He also wrote a novel based on Milgram.

What some fans think about Carrie and Jabari

The scenes between both professors have some fans feeling like they’re watching a separate show that’s high on drama. Others don’t understand the significance of their intimate interactions whether they’re speaking about their past or hooking up in the present.

On Reddit, some are calling Carrie and Jabari the worst characters in the series. One person wrote, “What is the end goal with the two professors. Really feeling like they are wasting screen time.” Another added, “Those two professors have 0 chemistry on screen. Their scenes are cringeworthy to me.”

People want to know where things are heading with them. Since both have issues with boundaries, that can get them in trouble with certain students who are connected to the streets.

How the professors may tie into the main plot of ‘Power Book 2’

Because it’s already been established that both Milgram and Reynolds have a penchant for inappropriate behavior with their students, it sets up a potential conflict with either Tariq or Zeke. Sex, blackmail, and a cover-up could be involved.

We all know Tariq likes to blackmail people, and it’s possible he either sees or does something involving his teachers that gives him the upper hand.


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A hint of what’s to come may lie in an interview with Melanie Liburd, the actor who plays Milgram. She recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her character and said that Carrie is usually very smart except when it comes to some of her personal choices. Moving forward in Power Book II, that will play a huge role.

“So what’s interesting is to see what she gets herself into, the mistakes she makes and how she has to pay for those mistakes or maybe cover up those mistakes,” Liburd said. “It’s just the beginning. There’s so much more that goes on, and how the different worlds collide in a way. We’ll see how the different worlds mix, which is really interesting.”

Could she be alluding to Tariq’s college world and his drug-dealing world? Both Milgram and Reynolds are invested in Tariq, but if lines are crossed in ways fans didn’t see coming, it can make the professors’ roles way more intriguing.