‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Some Fans Think Tariq is Going to Kill 1 Major Character Soon

Power Book II: Ghost is impressing fans with its latest two episodes where Tariq is really shaping up to be as cunning as his father.

Already a gifted liar, he’s getting sharper at peeping the moves of others and trying to stay two steps ahead of everyone. That doesn’t come without its challenges, and Tariq has adversaries at every corner — some of whom haven’t made their ill intentions known to him.

Riley is determined to help her uncle Saxe find dirt on Tariq, Professor Jabari has a weird obsession with him and is stealing his work, and Cane is jealous of him too. With so much pressure on him, will Tariq have to air someone out before the season ends?

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost, episode 7, “Sex Week”]

'Power Book II: Ghost' with Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ with Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq | Courtesy of Starz

Tariq has been trying to avoid violence

Throughout the course of the original Power series, viewers saw Tariq learn how to shoot, cover up the evidence, and get rid of his bloody clothes. Ray Ray and Ghost are his only victims so far, and although his reasons were personal, it proved he knows how to flip the switch. But Tariq isn’t a tough street dude.

When Dru took care of D.C. Joe’s body and asked if Tariq ever shot anyone, he played it cool and wisely kept the truth to himself. Part of that may be because he doesn’t really enjoy murdering people (he’s not Tommy), and part of that is because he needs to keep secrets — and a low profile.

There’s too much heat on him thanks to Saxe, and like Ghost, Tariq would rather move stealthily. But guess who doesn’t?

Some fans think Tariq may kill Cane

Shotgun threats at parties, the Westons as corner boys, and church robberies show Cane is a loose cannon.

A fractured relationship with Monet and that encounter his father now have him aligning with Ramirez — albeit in a manipulative way. He’s sour about Tariq being welcomed into the Tejada drug fold and wants him out of the picture.

At this juncture, it seems like a showdown between Cane and Tariq is inevitable. What will Cane have Ramirez do to help his cause? Some fans believe Tariq will have to put him down.

On Twitter and Instagram, there are comments such as “Cane is a snitch” and “Tariq gon’ kill Cane.” Some are comparing him to Dre which is definitely not a compliment.

On Reddit, one commenter wrote, “Tariq is gonna end up having to kill cane and have problems with monet. While his business gets shut down through the strip club. That’s where 2bit comes in.” Some agreed while others believe Cane will make to the end of season 1, but Ramirez won’t.

Upcoming trailer shows someone is after Tariq

The teaser trailer for episode 8 shows Tariq escaping an attempt on his life. Cane is the obvious first choice, but he may not want to get his hands dirty. If he’s behind it, it’s possible he recruited some goons do it.


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Viewers will have to wait and see who’s after Tariq this time, and whether it’s a character who’s already appeared in Power Book II: Ghost or a total surprise.