‘Power Book IV: Force’: Tommy Won’t Be in Cali, But He’ll Be Stirring Things Up in This Other City

During the entire first season of Power Book II: Ghost, there was one character fans were waiting to see: Tommy Egan. Tension surrounding Tasha pinning the blame for Ghost’s murder on him mounted, and there were hints that he’d eventually show up.

When he rode off into the sunshine at the end of the OG Power’s series finale, many thought California would be his final stop. But based on some recent information about Power Book IV: Force, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Tommy Egan vowed to leave Tariq alone but…

As seen in the Power Book II season 1 finale, Tommy met Tariq in a cemetery to settle a score with Tasha. But Tariq orchestrated an escape plan without Tasha’s knowledge and had her whisked away by the feds. That pissed Tommy off, who vowed to never stop looking for her.

His dedication to vengeance is real. When Tariq pointed out that Tommy likes to hold grudges, he agreed. “You’re right. Your mother is dead. On everything — I’ma see her a*s,” said Tommy.

When Monet pulled a gun on him, he warned Tariq that if they let him go, he was never going to stop hunting Tasha. Tariq just wanted her to have a head start, but this vendetta isn’t over.

Will he track down Tasha in his own spinoff — in Chi-Town? Naturi Naughton just signed on to be part of an ABC show, so her immediate future in the Power world is unclear.

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Tommy Egan is heading to Chicago

According to casting announcements for Power Book IV, Tommy will be encountering some crime bosses in Chicago, and it’s more than just a pit stop. It’s unclear what leads him to the Windy City, but he links up with an Irish mob boss named Walter Flynn.

According to Deadline, Tommy Flanagan plays the head of this Chicago syndicate who is described as a man of code. “Despite living a life of immense prosperity in his castle on the lake, he longs for the way things used to be. Walter believes that without community and family, there is no tradition, and his deeply held code of honor bleeds into every aspect of his life.”

Walter’s son Vic was raised in the family business and doesn’t like how his father takes a liking to Tommy. Drugs and wealth are at stake.

In addition to the Flynns, there are other local drug posses, some of whom respect each other. Other people get looped into Tommy’s web, including a jazz artist, a shrewd drug-dealing student, and a bar owner who catches Tommy’s eye.

There’s 1 other tie to Chicago

New adventures await Tommy and his Mustang, but his sojourn to Chicago also brings to mind Jason Micic and the Serbians. The city was Jason’s home base, and now that he’s dead, we have to wonder if his crew will ever seek retribution.

Will Jason’s former outfit ever put the pieces together and figure out Tommy had something to do with his death? Power Book IV: Force is currently in production, and the audience can’t wait to see one of their favorite characters cancel Christmas again.