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The Power Universe is thriving. Though the original Power series ended after six seasons, the franchise has only exploded with spinoffs, Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power Book IV: Force, and Power Book V: Influence. Shane Johnson, who portrays Cooper Saxe in the Power Universe, has been a major component in the franchise since the first season of the original series.

A former U.S. attorney for the FBI, Saxe has never really been good at his job. In Power, fans watched as he was continually out-smarted by James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick). Then in the first season of Power Book II: Ghost, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) was able to unravel Saxe’s case against his mother, Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton).

In the end, Saxe‘s inability to prosecute Tasha cost him his job. Now, he’s teamed up with criminal defense attorney Davis Mcclean (Clifford “Method Man” Smith), and he might also have a secret weapon in the upcoming season of Power Book II: Ghost.

Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe in 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Shane Johnson wants Cooper Saxe to have a big win in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

For as long as he’s been on Power, Saxe has been a hot mess. He’s even the scapegoat in his family. Now, Johnson says it’s about time Saxe got a major win in his life and career.

“Here’s what I want for Saxe; I want Saxe to win. Just to win,” Johnson told Tea with Tia during an Instagram Live. “I’ve taken so many L’s. I’ve been on this show for seven seasons. I’ve been on this show for eight years. Can you tell me a single triumph?”

Now that Starz has released some new information about the upcoming season of Power Book II: Ghost,a win might be on the horizon for Saxe.

Cooper Saxe may have a secret weapon in Season 2 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

In a recent press release, Starz announced that actor Paton Ashbrook had been promoted to series regular for the upcoming season of Power Book II: Ghost. If you recall, Ashbrook portrays prosecutor Jenny Sullivan, Saxe’s lover in the show’s first season. She could unwillingly be Saxe’s secret weapon in this new stage of his career.

“Jenny went back to the status quo,” the press release reads via Digital Spy. “That is, until Stansfield University professor, Jabari Reynolds is murdered. Now, Jenny is back in the spotlight, with an eye toward prosecuting Reynolds’s killer — whoever that may be. Little does she know that the killer’s new defense attorney– Cooper Saxe, now working with Davis MacLean, is sharing her bed — with access to her briefcase. Let the games begin.”


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Shane Johnson was terrified to work with Mary J. Blige on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Though Johnson has been a part of the Power Universe from the beginning, he was terrified to work with Mary J. Blige who portrays Monet Tejada on Power Book II: Ghost. “The truth is I haven’t really worked with Mary much, because the characters don’t really cross paths,” he told Tea with Tia during an Instagram Live. “I’m a huge, huge fan of hers, and I probably get a little bit uncomfortable around Mary to be honest.”

Thankfully, Johnson got over his nerves and had a warm conversation with the music legend. “It’s a little intimidating to be in her presence; I mean, she’s such a legend,” he said. “And yet she comes across really gentle and really present. I think she’s incredibly talented, and she deserves all the incredible success that she’s had.”