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From the first episode of Power Book II Ghost, fans pegged their least favorite characters—and Tariq St. Patrick didn’t dominate.

While the kid strutted into the spinoff wearing the weight of dislike on his back, it’s starting to shift a bit. That’s because other characters are worthy of the “When’s ___ gonna die?” designation in this new chapter.

Previously on Power, this distinction was held by people such as Dre, Angela, Blanca, and Ray-Ray. In this new branch of the series, Davis MacLean has made some fans’ hit lists.

But following the midseason finale, there are a few others beating him out for the top spots. Here’s a peek at who won’t be missed if they’re killed, jailed, or written off before the end of season 1.

Power Book 2
Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Saxe is at the head of the class

Cooper Saxe has the same sort of staying power that preserved Dre’s life into season 6 and earned Tariq a shot at becoming the new Ghost. Other than Ghost and Tommy beating him up, Saxe hasn’t had any brushes with death. However, he’s had a close call or two with prison.

During the premiere, Saxe drew fan disgust for agreeing to invoke the kingpin statute against Tasha. He caved to the DNC’s pressure at the last minute and still hasn’t faced any consequences for everything he did in season 6 of Power. And he’s not scoring any goodwill points from fans with this latest deal with Davis MacLean.

Still, he stands. One Reddit user wrote, “I dunno, there are always characters like him who you expect to bite it but somehow they always make it relatively unscathed. Although I did find myself asking myself constantly ‘how the f*ck are you still alive?’”

On Instagram, users are writing comments such as, “I’m sick of Saxe! His bs been going on too long” and “When is Saxe going to jail?”

Riley Saxe-Merchant

Fans do not like her. She used her privilege to avoid criminal charges and now Saxe is using her to do his dirty work. Her ill-advised, haphazard surveillance methods are not only risky, but dangerous. Riley is overtly nosey and she could’ve seriously harmed Tariq with that roofied drink.

Since she shares a similar mindset with Uncle Nancy and knows no boundaries, what other lengths will she go to? Fans expect that she will die once Tariq or the Tejadas discover her scheme. She asks way too many questions.

Drugs are missing from the dorm room and as far as Brayden and Tariq know, she’s the only other person who was in there. When she goes, the audience won’t miss her.

Two-for-one with Jabari and Carrie

Unwilling to call out the two professors separately, some fans want to extinguish the singular burning flame that is Jabari Reynolds and Carrie Milgram.

Since episode 3, viewers have been questioning their storyline in the series. On Reddit, one fan summed it up by writing, “What is the end goal with the two professors? Really feeling like they are wasting screen time.”

So far, Jabari is a plagiarizer, Carrie knows MacLean, and they both cross the line by hooking up with students—anywhere.


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