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Power fans are growing to like Tariq St. Patrick in the Power Book II spinoff, with some rooting for the college kid to beat Saxe and thrive with his on-campus enterprise. Without any real guidance around him, he’s weighing his choices and learning how to survive.

Though unwilling to let anyone get too close to him, Tariq is stuck in a love square — not triangle — with three different young ladies vying for his attention.

As the season gets deeper, some fans have been having a lively discussion about Lauren, Effie, and Diana who would make the best match. But there’s one who seems to be coming out on top.

Michael Rainey Jr and Paige Hurd in Power Book 2
Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) and Lauren (Paige Hurd) in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Courtesy of Starz

Stansfield student Lauren Baldwin

Lauren befriended Tariq early in the season and kept her romantic interest him pretty casual. They’re friends, but lately, Lauren’s been getting on Tariq’s nerves with her comments about right, wrong, and being a monster.

He’s comfortable keeping secrets from her about his life, but part of him admires that she’s not attached to the drug game. Some fans argue that Lauren is the ideal because she’s smart, independent, and not about the street life.

She’s also not the jealous type. However, between her family, her dedication to rules and morals, and her naivete, this could cause problems right now.

Reddit has a poll going and many believe that post-inheritance, Lauren and Tariq may have a shot.

Diana Tejada, the crime family princess

Diana is crushing on Tariq big time, but he barely gives her the time of day. Though they’re not dating, she’s demonstrated a jealous streak when it comes to other girls around him — ahem, Lauren.

Diana is also sharp but she’s being trained to run her family’s criminal business. That’s not what she wants for her future, but she sees a kindred spirit in Tariq. It’s not only about the drug game, it’s about his life at school too, something she craves for herself.

Diana has her fans. Instagram users wrote comments such as “Tariq need to choose Diana, she real and about the game, Lauren is doing heads and tails on which man she want,” “I love Diana and Tariq together,” and “Diana is cooler than Laurens bougie ass.”

But she also has detractors who point out her complicated and dysfunctional family. Tariq kind of likes her, but the mutual threats between the parents and the ongoing distrust spell trouble.

Effie the dealer, liar, and Yale student

Like the other two young ladies, Effie is smart. After doing Tariq dirty in the original Power series, Effie got back in his good graces and wound up being Tariq’s first. Even though he hasn’t been totally open with her, they understand each other the most, and she reminds some viewers of Tasha.

But as she said, she can’t tell when he’s lying.


‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Why Lauren Looks So Familiar

They’re both dishonest, live dangerously, and are trying to live a double life. Maybe it’s a recipe for disaster, or maybe it’s one for success. Many Power Book II fans think Effie is THE best choice, even with their flawed dynamic.

On Instagram, fans agree with this assessment: “Effie is perfect for him, she understands him the most & judging from that last episode they could be a power couple and make so much money together as they are basically the girl & boy versions of each other. Effie just needs to work on her loyalty to Tariq.”

There are a few who believe Effie can’t be trusted or that Tariq is playing the long game so they can make tons of money together.

While he likes each girl for different reasons, he may just end up alone for now. Tune in for the season finale of Power Book II: Ghost on Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. EST.