‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Fans Share Their Opinions on Tariq After the Season 1 Finale

Tariq St. Patrick has had quite the transformation throughout the Power franchise. Once deeply hated for his bratty attitude, needless rebellion, and descent into criminality, he’s now a college student with his own drug business.

Power Book II: Ghost has followed Tariq on his journey and showcases just how much he’s changed since the original series. It’s especially clear in the season one finale, when Tariq made decisions that seemed to seal his path and destiny. Below, get a recap of the episode and see what people are saying about Tariq’s actions.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, Episode 10, which airs on Jan. 3.

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Tariq St. Patrick accomplished his main goal of the season

Throughout Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, Tariq had been trying to make enough money to fund his mom Tasha St. Patrick’s legal defense, hoping high power attorney Davis Maclean would be able to win her case.

When the situation started to look grim, he started considering owning up to the murder of his dad, James “Ghost” St. Patrick. But then he came up with a plan.

After being summoned to court by federal attorney Cooper Saxe, Tariq took the stand and implicated him and Maclean in a major legal scheme. The judge was left with no choice but to dismiss the case, officially clearing Tasha of her charges.

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After court, Tariq St. Patrick had other business to handle

Back at Stansfield University, the investigation continued into the campus murder and its potential ties to the fight after Zeke’s game. Professors Carrie Milgram and Jabari Reynolds interviewed a number of students in relation to the case before landing on Tariq, who was then called to Reynolds’s office.

There, Reynolds started questioning him about his relationship with Dru Tejada. He initially downplayed it, telling Reynolds he’d only seen Dru around a few times. But then Reynolds confronted him, revealing he knew all of Tariq’s secrets.

Reynolds promised to keep it private as long as Tariq would allow him to write a book on his life, even offering some of his advance money to persuade him. But Tariq ultimately couldn’t go through with it.

After delivering an impassioned speech about needing to protect his family, Tariq killed Reynolds, shooting him multiple times at point-blank range. It’s a symbolic moment that shows just how deep Tariq is into the game now and the lengths he’s willing to go to to protect himself.

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Fans can’t believe Tariq’s actions in the ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 1 finale

The reactions to Tariq’s progress thus far have mostly been shocked but excited. “I loveee the character development of Tariq St. Patrick. I love that he accepts the fact he’s a villain & he’s calling the shots & make the pieces move,” one person tweeted after the finale.

Another person said they, “Went from hating Tariq for the past 6 seasons to now rooting for him. Our boy grown up to be just like this father #PowerGhost.”

A third Twitter user showered him with even more praise, saying, “TARIQ MOTHERF*KING ST. PATRICK!!!!!! DON’T PLAY WITH THAT BOY HE IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S GHOST F*CKING SON!!! #PowerGhost#PowerBook2.”

“That boy Tariq his daddy SON!!!, we went from hating him to rooting for him 😂 #PowerBook2#PowerGhost,” a fourth person wrote alongside a GIF of a man clapping.

“Unpopular opinion but tariq > ghost #PowerTV#powerghost,” read another tweet.

Hopefully, Tariq can sustain this momentum in future episodes. We’ll see.