‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2: Method Man on What to Expect From Davis MacLean This Season

Power Book II: Ghost is preparing to make its much-anticipated return to Starz. The series is a spinoff of Power and begins soon after the events in the Power series finale, chronicling Tariq St. Patrick’s life after Ghost’s death. With his mother in jail on murder charges, Tariq begins selling drugs to fund her defense lawyer, following his dad down a path that ends in one of two ways: jail or death.

As fans await the next season, Method Man spoke in an interview about his role as Davis MacLean and teased details about Power Book II: Ghost Season 2.

Method Man in "Power Book II: Ghost"
Method Man in “Power Book II: Ghost” | Starz

Last on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Fans may recall, last season Davis and Cooper Saxe were both exposed for improper conduct during Tasha St. Patrick’s trial, leading to her release. A condition of her release was that she name Tommy Egan as Ghost’s shooter and the head of the organization, prompting him to go after her for revenge. Tariq was able to get Tommy to back off by offering to help him fake his death, but when it was done, Tommy still wasn’t satisfied.

Later, he tried once more to kill Tasha, not realizing Tariq contacted authorities and got her placed in the federal witness protection program. Angry, he attempted to kill Tariq for playing him, but was ordered away at gunpoint by Monet Tejada.

Since he wasn’t able to get Tommy, Saxe thought he was going to have to resign. But Davis invited Saxe to work with him instead.

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Method Man on the next season

The trailer for Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 shows Saxe and Davis now attempting to nail Tariq for the murder of Professor Jabari Reynolds, while an unknowing Tariq goes to them for help with his mother.

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ begins its second season with Tariq St. Patrick still running from a legacy that haunts him. Forced into the choice to take the life of his professor, Jabari Reynolds, Tariq finds himself drifting further from that which he’s been fighting to protect: his family. With Tasha in witness protection, Tariq knows he must sacrifice anything to save what’s left of his family. Unable to do it alone, he turns to those wielding power and influence: Davis MacLean and his new partner, Cooper Saxe, as well as Rashad Tate. All of these options come with a steep price, so it’s back to business with the Tejadas.

Part of the synopsis for ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

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Method Man spoke to The Knockturnal about the second season of the show, teasing more shady behavior from his character.

“I do fight with some of Davis Maclean’s moral choices that he makes during scenes,” he continued. “But we have great writers and they always justify what he’s doing. Even if it’s hard for me to understand sometimes, it’s written so well that I eventually get it.”

He also teased cameos, including appearances by Redman, who’s been cast as Davis’ brother, Theo. Theo, according to his official character description, “used to run the streets with his little brother, Davis” before being arrested and sentenced to “an extensive prison term.”

“Redman is a given [in season 2],” he shared. “But you never know who’s going to pop up in the ‘Power’ universe, so stay tuned.”

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ returns in November

The show will return to Starz on Sunday, Nov. 21 — just a few weeks after the conclusion of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, the spinoff revolving around Kanan Stark. After Ghost, Starz will premiere the first season of Power Book IV: Force, which follows Tommy as he leaves New York behind and puts down roots in Chicago. The release date for that one is Feb. 6, 2022.