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Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) leads a glamorous life on Starz‘s Power Book II: Ghost, but it’s clear that family is most important to her. It’s too bad that she harbored such a big secret because now she’s lost everything.

In an Internet discussion following the episode, Power Book II: Ghost creator and showrunner Courtney Kemp went over what happened, what’s next for Monet, and more.

Mary J. Blige as Monet in 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Mary J. Blige as Monet in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Monet’s secrets about her past were finally exposed on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

The latest episode concluded with a near-violent confrontation in the Tejada home. Tired of all the secrets and lies, Diana exposed everyone during a family dinner. From Cane Tejada finessing his family to become the new connect to Monet’s secret exit plan, she put it all out there.

“You got some nerve accusing when you been sitting up here lying to my face the whole time, pretending to go to Zeke’s game when I know you went to Tariq’s trial!” Monet snapped. “Just like I know you was f****** him, and that’s why you ran up there like a f****** groupie!”

“I’m not the only one who been f****** somebody I ain’t supposed to, Ma!” Diana shot back. “How ’bout the fact that you been f****** some dude named Dante? I’m sorry, let me clarify real quick. I mean, Zeke’s dad.”

She then slammed Zeke’s birth certificate on the table showing his true age and parents. “You been lying to us our entire lives,” Diana continued. “I hope you had a good enough reason.”

Monet was ousted from the family over her lies

Asked how the family dynamics would change following those revelations, Kemp teased there would be a big shift. “It’s gonna be an interesting thing,” she said on Instagram Live while taking questions from fans of the show, “’cause what Diana did was not only destabilize Monet, but she also in a real way took away her power.”

Still, she imagines Monet won’t be down for too long.

“Monet is gonna do everything she can to get back her power,” Kemp added. “But, of course, you guys know she obviously has someone in her corner. She has someone who she can go to.”

While she did not say names, it feels obvious that she was talking about Mecca. But as Kemp has noted, she shouldn’t exactly trust Mecca, either.


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Other teasers for ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2 Episode 9

Elsewhere, Kemp shared teasers for other characters.

“You know Zeke discovered Carrie’s body, so that’s going to energize a whole bunch of people, especially people who used to have a sexual relationship with her,” she said. “What do we know about that? We know that another murder has been committed and that another murder has been committed by someone in our crew. And so what will take place? That’ll be interesting.”

“We know we’ve got a bunch of dead guaps, we’ve got a dead chef, we’ve got a whole bunch of deaths,” she continued. “So all those things have to come into play. And do we think, maybe because it’s episode 9, there are going to be some more big deaths? Let’s see! … There’s only two episodes left in this season, and you guys know how we do it.”

Check out Power Book II: Ghost on Starz at 8 p.m. ET on Sundays.