‘Power Book II: Ghost’: This Fan Theory Says Cane Will Turn on Tariq and the Tejada Family

Early on in Power Book II: Ghost, it seemed to some people that Tariq St. Patrick would build an alliance with Cane Tejada and his family that would rival Ghost’s empire — but maybe not. After seeing the events that played out in recent episodes, there’s some speculation online that Cane might wind up becoming an enemy of Tariq and his family.

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Cane Tejada and Tariq St. Patrick had a rocky start

As viewers will recall, Cane — who serves as the family’s muscle — initially seemed skeptical of Tariq and his motives in coming around his family.

However, his attitude (briefly) seemed to change when Tariq informed him that his formerly incarcerated Uncle Frank was a rat who had only gotten out of prison under the condition that he provide law enforcement with information on the Tejadas.

After winning over the family, Tariq wound up entering a partnership with them a few episodes later. Under the deal, they provide him with product, which is then sold through an app to students at Tariq’s school. But it’s clear that, even though it’s a lucrative situation, Cane still has reservations about Tariq.

Cane Tejada’s relationship with his family has started to break down due to his temper

Cane’s hotheadedness has caused tension within the crew on several occasions. But it hit a new high in the seventh episode, when Cane kidnapped Tariq’s roommate Brayden and Brayden’s brother Trace.

Angered that Brayden didn’t have his product or the money for it, Cane forced them into his car at gunpoint before dropping them off on a street in Queens, where he made the Weston brothers sell drugs to recoup the funds. They were nearly arrested but, luckily, Officer Ramirez showed up and tipped them off before other officers arrived.

Back at the Tejada family home, Officer Ramirez told Monet about what her son had done, causing a fight that ended with Cane pushing Monet to the ground. Later, Lorenzo roughed up Cane over the incident, seemingly hoping it would scare him back in line. But instead, it appeared to backfire, as Cane now seems to be more distant and cold toward his family.


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Some fans believe Cane will wind up fully on the outs of the family business

There are several theories across social media that Cane might have a fallout with Tariq and his family, including on Reddit and Twitter. Many of these theories poured out after the release of the promo clip for the Dec. 20 episode, where it’s revealed that someone is trying to kill Tariq and that Cane is hunting someone down.

“Cane has lost his mind, he’s definitely gonna bait up the family business #PowerBook2,” one Twitter user said.

“Cane is over here messing up a good thing because he jealous #PowerGhost#PowerBook2#PowerTV#PowerBookII#power,” added another.

But who knows what’ll actually happen. Tune into Power Book II: Ghost at 8 p.m. ET on Sundays for answers.