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Power Book II: Ghost fans are still reeling from the news that Monet’s (Mary J. Blige) nephew Zeke (Daniel Bellomy) is actually her biological son. It seems that she got pregnant at 16, by her high school sweetheart Mecca (Daniel Sunjata) and kept the pregnancy hidden from everyone.

Now, Mecca is determined to tell Zeke the truth, so why is Monet insisting on keeping it hidden?

Daniel Bellomy as Zeke wearing a black leather jacket in 'Power Book II: Ghost
Daniel Bellomy as Zeke in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Zeke is Monet and Mecca’s son on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Fans were stunned in episode 204 when they learned that instead of being Monet’s nephew as we’d originally thought. “Zeke is their son he was born in 1998, and Cane was born in 1999,” a fan explained via Express. “Meaning she had Zeke before meeting Lorenzo also remember her telling Mecca ‘this ain’t my mom house can’t be knocking over trash cans.’”

During a recent Instagram Live Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp explained that Zeke was raised by Monet’s sister Lena. As we know, Monet told Zeke that his father was locked up for life. Apparently, fans will meet Lena in season 3, and she’s going to have a lot of feelings about what has been happening with her child.

Why didn’t Monet tell Zeke the truth about his father?

Though Monet knows Dante as her teenage love affair, she’s not aware that he is also Mecca, the family’s drug supplier, therefore, she could not have anticipated that he would be bold enough to reveal his true identity to Zeke. When Zeke questioned her about Dante, Monet had an opening but she chose not to reveal the truth.

It looks like Monet is still determined to retire from the drug game, using Zeke’s prospective career in the NBA as her out. She knows that telling him the truth would put his future in jeapordy. Still, it looks like her secrets will still be revealed in episode 208, “Drug Related.” In a recent Instagram Live, Kemp warned fans to brace themselves.

“A lot of Zeke’s backstory is going to come out in episode 8,” Kemp explained. “Episode 8 is my favorite episode of the season, it’s the biggest episode other than episode 5, yall are in for a real treat next week and you’re going to get a lot of answers a lot of the questions you’ve been asking, specifically ones about the Tejada family timeline, what Monet did and when she did it. You’re going to get a lot of answers in an unexpected way.”

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Will Mecca ruin Monet’s life?

Though Monet seems determined to keep her secret about Zeke hidden, Mecca seems equally determined to let his son know the truth. When Sunjata first joined the cast of Ghost, he hinted that Mecca might want more from Monet than she’s willing to give.

“In brief, Mecca is introduced in the very first episode,” he told TV Fanatic. “His place is revealed as the episodes unfold, but I can say he comes in with an agenda. He’s pretty much willing to do anything that he has to do in order to produce the desired outcome and gets a little messy.”

We think the big death that Kemp is hinting at maybe Mecca. If the Tejadas do learn the truth about Zeke, Monet will make him pay.