‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Will Diana, Cane, and Dru Find out the Truth About Zeke?

Power Book II: Ghost has had some shocking moments this season. For Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), his life as a drug dealer has finally clashed with his life as a college student. He’s been accused of double homicide and is sitting in jail. Moreover, Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) was on the cusp of getting out of the game and riding away with her high school sweetheart Mecca (Daniel Sunjata). However, she didn’t anticipate her husband Lorenzo (Berto Colon) being released from jail early.

Monet has also been hiding a major secret from her family about her nephew Zeke (Daniel Bellomy) and it’s only a matter of time before Lorenzo and her children, Cane (Woody McClain), Diana (LaToya Tonodeo), and Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) find out.

Berto Colon as Lorenzo Tejada, LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada, Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada and Woody McClain as Cane Tejada laughing around the dinner table in 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Berto Colon as Lorenzo Tejada, LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada, Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada and Woody McClain as Cane Tejada in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

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Zeke is the son of Monet and Mecca on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

The second season of Ghost has been a whirlwind so far. In episode 204, “Gettin’ These Ends,” fans watched Monet scrambled to come up with the money to give Davis McLean (Clifford “Method Man” Smith) for Zeke’s defense. The basketball star had been accused of murdering professor Jabari Reynolds (Justin McManus), a crime that Tariq committed and Cane was complicit in.

Things took a turn after Mecca came up with the money for Zeke’s defense and fans learned that Zeke isn’t actually Monet’s nephew. Instead, he is Monet and Mecca’s biological son.

So far, the shocking secret of Zeke’s parentage has been kept under wraps even from him, but we think things will come to light sooner rather than later.

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Will the Tejadas find out the truth about Zeke?

Though the Tejada siblings all have very distinct personalities, they are all very smart. According to Tonodeo, it might not take long for them to uncover Monet’s secret about Zeke. “I feel like Diana is very smart,” the actor told Hollywood Life. “So even in the beginning of this season, you saw that her wheels are turning and she’s putting two and two together, three and five together. She’s putting all the pieces together. So I would say if Diana plays her cards right, she will find out. She will definitely find out.”

Thankfully, the Tejadas adore Zeke, so he won’t be in any danger, but it’s likely they will feel very betrayed by their mother. “Personally, I would be pissed because you grow up thinking one way and then you find out that this person is not your cousin,” Tonodeo explained. “It’s like, wait, what? You feel betrayed. I would be hot. I would be very upset. I wouldn’t even know how to interact with my mother after that.”

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Will Lorenzo kill Monet in Season 2 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’?

Now that Lorenzo has been released from prison, he will want to regain his seat as the head of the family business. However, we don’t think that Monet is going to give up her position so easily. Furthermore, since the Tejada children’s loyalty seems to lean toward Lorenzo over Monet, we think he’ll find out about her affairs with Officer Ramierez and Mecca sooner rather than later.

However, when he finds out that Monet hid Zeke’s true identity from him, we think Lorenzo is going to lose it. When Starz announced that Colon had been upped to series regular for season 2, they released Lorenzo’s character description for the season. It hints that a war will be brewing between the Tejada patriarch and matriarch.

“Lorenzo has been calling the shots for the drug organization — even from inside,” the press release reads. “But as Monet continues to flex her independence — and a desire to protect her kids from the game– Lorenzo’s need to control brings them into conflict. Lorenzo becomes intrigued by some secrets Monet has been keeping from him.”

Its likely that Lorenzo could order Monet’s death or take her out himself.