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Starz’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan showcases the teen years of Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis). Set in the ’90s in Queens, New York, Kanan is raised by his mother, Raquel “Raq” Thomas’ (Patina Miller). Raq runs her drug enterprise with her brothers, Marvin (London Brown) and Lou Lou (Malcolm Mays). Now, Raq is looking to expand her business tenfold.

Miller just gave fans some insight into Raq’s plans for her business.

Patina Miller as Raq Thomas wearing a red sweater set and sitting on her couch in 'Power Book III: Raising Kanan'
Patina Miller as Raq Thomas in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ | Starz

Raq isn’t a ‘ruthless’ queenpin in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’

Fans saw glimpses of how far Raq was willing to go for her business in season 1. However, in season 2, she’s shown she’s willing to even go against the mob. However, Miller says that her character isn’t just some ruthless queenpin willing to put her son at risk.

“I try to shy away from playing her as a ruthless queenpin,” she told Shondaland. “She is a businesswoman, a CEO. For a Black woman in the 1990s, which is the time the show is set in, she has made this world for herself. She has decided to do something for herself. She’s great with numbers. If she lived in a different time, she would probably be the CEO of a company. She is building her empire, unafraid of going out toe-to-toe to people. She is heard and loud.”

Patina Miller gave fans insight into Raq’s plan for her business on ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’

Though she’s certainly made some questionable choices, Raq is always looking ahead. After learning about the city’s infrastructure from her ex-lover Symphony (Toby Sandeman) and seeing how Cartier ‘Duns’ Fareed (Omar J. Dorsey) moves his money, Raq has some major plans for her business that could make or break it.

This is why she’s been so frustrated with Lou Lou, whom she’d hoped would take the head of the enterprise some day. “She’s sort of mapped out what role everyone plays,” Miller told Insider. “Her vision is very, very big. And so she’s about expanding.”

Her tenacity has even won the respect of mob boss, Sal Boselli (Sopranos alum Michael Rispoli). 


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All the clues that Raq is still alive in the present day

As far as we’re concerned, we believe that Raq is moving recklessly. However, it is possible that she could be alive in the present day. In Power, adult Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) mentions a visit to his mother, but he does not specify if he’s visiting her home or grave.

Miller believes Raq is doing just fine in the present. “Her goal is to leave something, her legacy for her family, but more so if she gets knocked down, she’s gonna get back up,” the actor told Express U.K. “And you’re gonna see that grit, that determination, that passion, that, like, ferociousness. She’s a fighter, and she’s a survivor. It’s what she is, and she’s always done, and don’t ever count her out.”