‘Power Book IV: Force’: 50 Cent Says Chicago Is a Character in the New Show

Power Book IV: Force, the highly anticipated third spinoff in the Power Universe is on the horizon. The series will center on Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), the best friend and business partner of the late James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

Following Ghost’s death, Tommy has put New York City in his rearview and he is looking to rebuild in Chicago. However, the Windy City is going to be much more than a backdrop in the series.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan glaring while wearing a jacket and gold chain in 'Power
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power’ | Starz

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‘Power Book IV: Force’ revealed the first photo from the show

Starz has announced that Power Book IV: Force will be released in early 2022. In the first photo from the upcoming series, fans can see a pensive Tommy sitting at a bar. Starz shared the image on its social media pages captioning it. “Damn, we missed this face. #PowerForce coming early 2022.” 

Though much of the plot of the new show has remained under wraps, Sikora did hint at what fans can expect from the series.

“It’s really f***ing good,” Sikora told Entertainment Weekly. “People are going to love it. I think that it’s going to take all facets of Tommy that we’ve built up to until now to not only survive but to potentially thrive — and to potentially leave. You don’t know if it’s going to be one city and then another city and if he’s going to keep bopping or what connections need to be made.”

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50 Cent says Chicago is a character in ‘Power Book IV: Force’

When the Tommy-led spinoff was first announced by Starz, rumors swirled that the volatile gangster would set up shop in Los Angeles. However, it turns out that Chicago will be Tommy’s new stomping grounds. In fact, 50 Cent says The Chi will play a pivotal role in Force.

“The way New York was a character in Power, Chicago is in Force,” 50 Cent told XXL Magazine. “Knowing Tommy’s temperament — knowing that he’s headfirst with everything that he does, it’s just exciting out the gate. Like from episode 1. I gave Raising Kanan five. I said by episode 5 they would say, ‘I kinda like this better than I liked the original Power.’ Because in Power, there was a lot going on and there was pink sneakers running around. You didn’t understand why it was happening until after [Kanan] actually started to come out of jail. Then you realized [Kanan] was orchestrated it from jail and behind it the whole time. For Raising Kanan, I think it took those five episodes to immerse them in the period. I said by then they would actually feel the nostalgia; the clothes, the music, everything. So, when you get to Force, I think the coolest thing is that it comes on with the intensity of adult criminal activity versus college kids.”

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Joseph Sikora says Tommy is stunned by the racism in Chicago

As much as Tommy thrived in New York, it seems that Chicago will have some challenges that he doesn’t anticipate. “The racism of Chicago, the dividedness of Chicago, is foreign to Tommy in a lot of ways, and so I think that is going to be a really interesting topic for us to tackle, the separation of Black and white and Latin people in terms of neighborhoods,” Sikora told Entertainment Weekly. “We have these real brilliant homegrown actors who are really showing the diversity and quality of the city of Chicago. I’m really proud of that.”

We have a feeling that Force is going to be a roller coaster ride for both Tommy and the viewers.