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The first season of Power Book IV: Force saw Tommy Egan (Joesph Sikora) find his footing in Chicago after leaving New York for good. What he didn’t expect was to find a friendship and trust with an old foe, Liliana (Audrey Esparza). In the end, her death gutted him.

However, Sikora says it was Esparza’s choice to leave the show.

Audrey Esparza dresses as her 'Power Book IV: Force' character Liliana wearing a dark-colored outfit with her hair hanging loosely around her shoulders
Audrey Esparza as Liliana in ‘Power Book IV: Force | Starz

Audrey Esparza paid tribute to her ‘Power Book IV: Force’ character Liliana

Fans were stunned in the Force Season 1 finale when Liliana was killed by Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons). It was especially shocking since the women had worked together to create Dahlia. Her death absolutely crushed Tommy.

Esparza bid farewell to her character on her show on Instagram “….and that is a WRAP,” she captioned under a photo from set. “thank you to all of the @forcestarz creatives and producers for having me. @josephsikora, the entire cast, and the BEST damn crew in Chicago, I had a wonderful time! Thank you for making me feel so loved and welcomed! I loved every minute of playing Liliana. I am so grateful xoxo.”

While fans were shocked by Liliana’s death, it appears that Esparza know it was coming.

Joseph Sikora says Audrey Esparza chose to be killed off ‘Force’

It looks like Liliana might have survived into season 2 if Esparza would have wanted her to. However, the actor, writers, and creators made a mutual choice that it was time for her to go.

“I was definitely bummed out because she’s such a great actor,” Sikora told Hollywood Life. “Audrey is such a talented actor, and I know that it was a mutual choice. I think that she probably would have been back if she chose to be back. I think that she had other plans for life and that just happened. I think with Tommy it was really interesting reacting as Tommy to her death because what I tried to express was, obviously, the tremendous loss and rage at whoever did this to the person who’s becoming closer and closer to him.”

As Power fans know, Tommy is no stranger to loss, but his bond with Liliana and the unexpected way that she died will undoubtedly affect him going forward.


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Tommy will have a major reaction to Liliana’s death

As we know, Tommy has vowed to never forgive Claudia for Liliana’s death. We’re certain that in season 2 he is going to make her pay. “It was harder than he expected because there was a layeredness to the reality of her being dead,” Sikora said via TV Line of Liliana’s death. “One was, Tommy is a street referee. He’s like, “You signed up for this life. That’s what you get.” And despite himself, he was feeling like, “Yeah, but she didn’t deserve this. She had my back. She played everything right.” But he still knew that she signed up for this life. I tried to play it that yes, Tommy is devastated and immediately wants revenge. But also: She did sign up for this. Almost like, there but for the grace of God go I. He recognized his own humanity in her death.”

However, we doubt Vic (Shane Harper) is going to let Tommy get close enough to hurt his sister.