‘Power Book IV: Force’: Fans Are Thrilled About Kate’s Return

Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) has thrown Chicago into turmoil on Power Book IV: Force. After leaving New York City in his rearview, he’s landed in the Windy City for new opportunities. However, he’s found himself entangled with the Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI), a southside gang led by brothers Diamond (Issac Keyes) and Jenard (Kris D. Lofton). He’s also found himself in the crosshairs of the Irish mob, led by the Flynn family.

In addition to shaking up the drug business, Tommy has also discovered that he has a brother JP (Anthony Flemming) whom he knew nothing about. Now it looks like his mother Kate Egan (Patricia Kalember) will also be reappearing in his life.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan getting out of a blue mustang in 'Power Book IV: Force'
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ | Starz

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Kate blamed Tommy for Ghost’s death on ‘Power’

From the moment we met Kate in the second season of Power, she became one of the most enticing characters in the series. Greedy and conniving, Kate only cared about the drugs and the money that Tommy provided for her. In fact, when she found out about Ghost’s death, whom she considered a second son, she blamed Tommy. In Power episode 613 she said, “You are not the son I raised, you can go to hell or California — same thing.”

Fans are thrilled about Kate’s return in ‘Power Book IV: Force’

Kate was a mess, but she was always a fan favorite on Power. Therefore, fans are thrilled to see that she’s returned to Force. “Oh lord y’all done woke up the beast…mama Kate @ForceStarz,” one fan tweeted. Another responded, “I was wondering when this would happen lol. And she gon try that Dahlia you know she’s never leaving Chicago after the taste.” Other fans joked that she was already waiting for her uber to come and get her.

Still, as excited as fans are about the return of Kate Egan, we’re sure this is going to cause a huge rift in Tommy’s relationship with JP. The Queens-born gangster was thrilled to learn he had a brother, but now that JP has called Kate, we’re certain he’s going to see it as an act of betrayal.

Moreover, we also know that anytime Kate is involved in Tommy’s life, chaos ensues.

Could Kate come to Chicago?

Now that JP has tracked down Kate and she’s learned of her mother’s death, we’re almost certain that she will be returning to Chicago. After all, Kate probably thinks that there is some money left aside from her. Also, we know she thinks Tommy is dead so she’s in for a rude awakening if she does come to the Windy City to face the son she abandoned and the one she thought was dead and buried.

Since Kate’s main motive is always money, we can see her making things very chaotic for Tommy, especially if she’s able to uncover his connections to CBI and even the Flynn family.

We’re just going to wait to see what happens next, but we hope to see more of Kate when Force returns for season 2.

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