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In Power Book IV: Force, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) is being showcased in a brand new light. Moving to Chicago from New York, he’s had to learn how to navigate a very different city, while rebuilding his business. It’s been nice to see Tommy thrive.

In fact, Sikora says the character has evolved a lot since Power.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan wearing a black shirt and jacket in 'Power Book IV: Force'
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ | Starz

Tommy Egan is on the spectrum

Tommy has long been a fan favorite in the Power Universe. Fans have enjoyed watching his bold and direct communication style. It’s been clear for years that he values loyalty above all else and he’s quick to act (even in bouts of rage) before moving on to the next thing.

Now, Sikora has revealed that his beloved character is on the spectrum. “It’s probably time to just come out with it,” Sikora told The Wrap. “I’ve always played Tommy on the spectrum. It’s not ‘normal’ like the rest of us, it’s special, I’m playing Tommy as special.”

Fans have seen Tommy’s emotions on high alert several times across Power, including the death of Holly (Lucy Walters), his meddling ex-girlfriend. The death of his father Tony Teresi (William Slater) and of course, Ghost’s death.

Joseph Sikora says Tommy has evolved a lot since ‘Power’

Without Ghost at his side, Tommy has been forced to stand on his own and trust his own instincts. Sikora has explained that a lot of this is the pure evolution of his character.

“Tommy falls back into a lot of his old habits,” the actor told TV Line. “But we are seeing a slightly evolved character, for sure. Going down the same path that we do at our best as humans, that we don’t make the same mistakes as in our past… Yet we still fall subject to some of our old habits. Tommy can’t help himself with beautiful women. [Laughs] Tommy can’t help himself with his desire to be Number 1. He can’t help himself with his incredible hatred and rage problem, to leaping before he looks. But he has evolved into a much more deft strategist. But so did [Power‘s] Tariq. I think the death of Ghost opened up the spirit of the strategy that made a really complex gangster, and that is now Tommy.”


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‘Power Book IV: Force’ proves that Tommy isn’t a sociopath

Over the course of Power, Tommy was sometimes categorized as a violence-loving sociopath, but that’s not exactly accurate. In fact, Force has shown even more depth from the character. “Tommy was WAY more brutal on the OG show and had a psychotic temper,” one Redditor said. “Here, they actually have to chill him out cause he’s the main character.” Another added, “It’s still the same Tommy he’ll merk you if you come at him wrong so he still got that temper jus more chill.”

Another fan added another varied perspective. “Someone mentioned methodical and I feel that’s right on point,” they explained. “I feel like he lived in Ghost’s shadow in the OG season. Ghost says jump, Tommy asks how far. (not all the time but 80% of the time). Seeing him make chess moves and remain ruthless at the same time is going to be intense and a lethal combination.”