‘Power Book IV: Force’: Joseph Sikora Says He Was Shocked by Walter Flynn’s Cancer Diagnosis

Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) influenced the drug game in Chicago as soon as he arrived in Power Book IV: Force. He stirred things up with the Southside gang, The Chicago Brothers Incorporated helmed by brothers Jenard (Kris D. Lofton) and Diamond (Issac Keys). He also gained the notice of Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan) who runs the Irish mob in the city.

Tommy’s arrival has also forced Walter’s children Vic (Shane Harper) and Claudia (Lili Simmons) to confront some unsavory things about their father. It has also revealed Walter’s cancer diagnosis which Sikora says he was shocked by.

Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn wearing a grey suit and sitting behind a wood deskin 'Power Book IV: Force'
Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ | Starz

Walter Flynn is losing his grip on Chicago

For so long, Walter has had an iron grip on the Northside of Chicago.

The very day Tommy rolls into Chicago, he insulted the Flynn family. “Walter Flynn is the head of the Irish crime family in Chicago,” the character description reads. “Despite living a life of immense prosperity in his castle on the lake, he longs for the way things used to be. Walter believes that without community and family, there is no tradition, and his deeply held code of honor bleeds into every aspect of his life. As he ushered his family into the twenty-first century, Walter quickly saw the criminal organization he built facing threats he never accounted for.”

However, Walter’s refusal to expand his business beyond pills and instigating a war with the Serbs for his own personal gain certainly didn’t help anything. With the mob leaders in Ireland unhappy with Walter, he may be on his last leg. Now that Vic has vowed never to work with his father again, things are dire for Walter going into season 2.

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Joseph Sikora says he was shocked by Walter’s cancer diagnosis

Knowing that Vic and Claud had lost their mother to cancer some years earlier, no one saw Walter’s diagnosis coming, not even Sikora. The Chicago-born actor revealed that he was actually stunned when he read the script that revealed Walter’s cancer diagnosis.

“I mean, in the second episode we discovered that he had terminal cancer,” he told Hollywood Life. “I was a little shocked by that myself. I hope he can keep cancer at bay long enough.”

In the following episodes, the doctor made it seem that Walter’s diagnosis was less critical. However, his refusal to get treatment and his continuous use of tobacco certainly isn’t helping things.

Walter Flynn is fascinated by Tommy

As we saw in the first season of Force, Walter may not like Tommy, but he certainly respects his gangster and work ethic. It’s something that his own son Vic seems to be missing. In fact, Flanagan revealed that Walter is flat-out fascinated by Tommy.

There are some character traits that Tommy has that Walter sees in himself. “Walter is kind of ‘fascinated’ by the ‘fearless and full of contempt’ Tommy Egan,” Flannagan told Hollywood Life. “I think he’s interested and a wee bit amused by him… Maybe he’s got his back up a little bit and [he’s] a reminder of himself in some ways. Walter sees Tommy Egan and thinks, ‘Ah, I. know that guy.'”

Now that his children know the truth about Gloria, Tommy may be the only one Walter can turn to.

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