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When Power Book IV: Force debuted on Starz, millions of viewers tuned in to find out Tommy Egan’s fate after the explosive events in the original series finale. While his best friend, girlfriend, and other associates were all killed, Tommy narrowly escaped with his life. He managed to build a new organization in Chicago, but for the most part, he’s been doing it all alone.

Viewers have hoped for the return of Francis “2-Bit” Johnson, a close friend to Tommy during his days in New York. But could it happen? Nothing has been confirmed, but Joseph Sikora hopes to see him again, even if it’s not on Force.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in a scene from Starz's 'Power Book IV: Force'
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ | Starz

Joseph Sikora of ‘Power Book IV: Force’ reacted to a question about 2-Bit

As fans continue to question what happened to 2-Bit, the man who plays him, Michael J. Ferguson, shared an Instagram post hyping his potential return. “#Wheres 2Bit?” he captioned the post. “Drop a ✌🏾 in the comments and let me know what city you want to see him in next!!”

Sikora responded that he’d like to see 2-Bit in Cleveland, to which Ferguson replied: “💯😆”

There was previously some speculation that he would appear in Force Season 1 after Ferguson was seen in a photo with Paulina Nguyen, who played Mai Liet. It only grew when she left a certain comment on Twitter amid the rumors about his possible return. After a fan asked what the picture meant, she replied: “I guess we will find out soon…. 😉” But ultimately, the season came and went without an appearance by 2-Bit. 

Joseph Sikora addressed whether 2-Bit would be on ‘Power Book IV: Force’

The last time Tommy saw 2-Bit, 2-Bit was being arrested after police raided their stash house. Facing increasing heat from law enforcement, Tommy faked his death in the first season of Power Book II: Ghost and escaped to Chicago. 2-Bit was also released that season on a technicality, but Sikora said that word of his release hasn’t gotten back to Tommy yet.

“2-Bit, as far as Tommy knows, is still in the joint,” he said on Instagram Live. But he also acknowledged the possibility of 2-Bit returning given that he’s still alive.

“Don’t count anybody out, don’t think anybody is gone gone, and don’t leave out the possibility of anything happening, because these stories get really wonderfully complicated, and that’s why you tune in,” he continued.


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What fans think about 2-Bit’s possible return

Fans took to Reddit to discuss a possible 2-Bit appearance on the show.

“Praying he links up with Tommy🥲🙏🏼” one comment read.

“[He’s] someone who found a way to survive the OG series’ deadly game by staying loyal and never selling out, under any circumstances, at least that’s how I remembered how he acted in S6. I’m more than down with 2Bit and I really hope to see him on Force at some point,” said another.

Agreeing, a third person wrote they “hope they cast him again soon he one of the only people left from OG power dat I actually f*** widd.”

We’ll see. Check out the first season of Power Book IV: Force now on Starz.