‘Power Book V: Influence’: Anticipation Builds After Rashad Tate Appearances in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

From our understanding, Rashad Tate’s spinoff, Power Book V: Influence, is still in the early stages of development. But in the meantime, fans can catch the power-hungry politician on Power Book II: Ghost.

The series follows Tariq St. Patrick in the aftermath of his father’s death as he tries to balance family, school, and the drug game. Over time, he becomes exactly like his dad and rubs shoulders with the wealthy and influential, including the city councilman.

Subtle, sharp, and cunning, Tate always elicited a bizarre fascination, but he’s really grown on viewers as Power Book II: Ghost has progressed.

Larenz Tate as Rashad Tate sitting in a brown leather chairin 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Larenz Tate as Rashad Tate in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Rashad Tate was promoted to a series regular on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

While the character made several appearances in the first season of Power Book II: Ghost, he’s appeared in the second season in an increased capacity after Larenz Tate, who plays the politician, was promoted to a series regular.

This season picks up after Tate’s failed bid to become New York’s next governor. The press release reads, via Shadow and Act, “With the loss of the New York gubernatorial race still fresh, he refuses to feel sorry for himself. Some guidance from his brother pushes Tate to stop waiting for something to happen and use his influence to take action – leading him to unexpected places.”

Tate, as viewers know, has now set his sights on the congressional seat held by Rick Sweeney, taking a “by any means necessary” approach to Sweeney’s removal from office. It’s a new low for Tate and highlights just how far he’s willing to go for the sake of his name and career.

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Excitement for ‘Power Book V: Influence’ is growing

Tate is a truly complex character that seems to be becoming a fan favorite as viewers get to know more about him. After watching him on the Jan. 16 episode of Power Book II: Ghost — which saw Tate set in motion a blackmail scheme against Sweeney — some took to social media to react and share their excitement for his upcoming spinoff.

“I was skeptical of his spinoff before this season of Ghost. Now, I will definitely be watching,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “His character has grown a lot in the last few episodes to the point where I think his show will be very interesting, especially with how grimy he’s becoming.”

“facts, Lorenz is the best actor Power got on set, his spinoff is gonna be a gold mine,” said another.

“I love his slimyness in this show lol,” a third comment read. “The actor has a lot of charisma too!”

Details about Power Book V: Influence are scarce, but Power creator Courtney Kemp spoke briefly about it in an interview. “We’ve got this concept that’s really about the way Washington D.C. looks now for Black politicians,” she Entertainment Weekly of the show. “You know Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? I think I’ll leave it at that.”

Tate told The Jasmine Brand in early 2021 that he didn’t know much about the show but promised to share more information when he could.

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ is streaming now

In the meantime, fans can check out Power Book II: Ghost now. The show airs at 8 p.m. ET every Sunday on Starz. This season will be followed by the inaugural season of Power Book IV: Force, Tommy Egan’s spinoff, on Feb. 6. Read more about that show, below.

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