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After last week’s ho-hum but frenzied run around the city with Paz, Power fans were ready for Tommy to take center stage in this week’s episode. It was worth the wait. Some of the finer details that viewers thought fell to the wayside came back into play, and there’s a small level of closure.

If you haven’t watched episode 13, “It’s All Your Fault,” you are not ready to read all the spoilers that lie ahead in this recap. Pause now.

Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick of 'Power'
Joseph Sikora and Omari Hardwick of ‘Power’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Things kick off with Tommy, Benny, and the mob

As the episode opens, Tommy drags Benny’s dead body into his house to clean up his mess. He rolls out dressed like an EMT and drives it to a junkyard in an ambulance and pays off the worker. Benny will never be found.

Since he couldn’t get a hold of B.G., Tommy calls his mom to pick him up from the place but realizes the gravity of the situation. Now the mob will be after him. He also tells her that Keisha is dead, and Ghost killed her.

In another part of town, Proctor’s daughter Elisa Marie is staying with her aunt Dolores, Benny’s sister. The precocious kid is looking out the window waiting for him while her aunt cooks breakfast, but she realizes something is wrong. She tells her aunt the deal that with no proof of life every hour, it’s grim. Dolores tries to comfort her as Vincent rolls up to the house.

She accuses him of doing something dirty to Benny, and Vincent says he didn’t even know Benny was missing until their people (the Civello faction) came knocking. He offers to post two men at the door while they go look for him, and she threatens him with her Uncle Carlo if he’s behind it.

Tommy learns from the TV that Ghost is running for lieutenant governor and gets pissed. His mother reminds him that he and Jamie are brothers and Jamie wouldn’t have time to kill Keisha or plot against his drug operation. Tommy disagrees, leaves with Kate’s car.

The recording is back in the game

Aunt Dolores overhears Elisa Marie playing the recording on her laptop, and they talk about its contents, some guy named Tommy and another guy named Ghost—because they’re trying to piece it together. Elisa Marie believes Tommy killed her dad over evidence he did something wrong. They decide to call up Tariq to identify the voices on the recording.

Tariq lies and says he doesn’t know the voices or Ghost or Tommy. He even asks if he can take it home to let his mom listen to it. But Aunt Dolores knows he lying and presses him, aksing questions about the night Proctor died. She tells him she thinks he and Tommy were in on it together and he let Tommy in. Smart lady! She tells Tariq to beat it.

Tariq calls Tommy and tells him that Elisa Marie and her aunt have the recording of Lobos’ murder. It’s another problem on Tommy’s plate and Tariq says, “I know you want to kill Ghost but that recording is still out there.” Tommy asks where Elisa Marie is staying and leaves to go to Ghost’s press conference at Truth.

Security quietly runs him out but outside, he bumps into Detective Rodriguez. She is on him for information about Keisha’s murder and implies Tommy is there to kill James because he thinks he did it. She tells Tommy about James’ alibi and tries to get him to turn, and threatens him about Poncho. Of course, Tommy is no snitch. She also hands him Keisha’s belongings.

Tommy learns about Tasha and clears Ghost of murder

Tommy calls B.G. and leaves him a voice mail about snitching. He notices Tasha’s earring is in Keisha’s stuff. He rushes to her place and confronts her at gunpoint. Tasha lies and says it isn’t hers, but the truth comes out.

She defends her actions by saying Keisha was going to rat him out to the feds and begs him to read the paperwork Keisha signed. He says it doesn’t matter because she still pulled the trigger.

In a tense scene, Tasha cries and says take care of Yaz and Tariq, and at least it’s him. She turns his back to him, but Tommy hesitates and leaves.

He then meets Ghost outside of a warehouse and tells him he knows he didn’t kill Keisha but accuses him of lying about the recording. Ghost didn’t know Proctor kept it, and they start arguing about being friends/brothers.

Then someone shoots at them and Tommy tells Ghost it’s the mob. He heads into the warehouse, gun blazing, and finds Cedric the Entertainer’s Croop character bleeding. He finishes him and barely escapes in the car with the other shooter blasting at him.

Tommy becomes a kidnapper

After arriving at Aunt Dolores’ doorstep and taking out Vincent’s men, Tommy kidnaps Elisa Marie. This is when she learns Tariq ratted her out to Tommy. During some Q&A, she tells Tommy her Uncle Carlo has a copy of the recording, and he panics, takes her back to his condo, and calls his mom to come babysit.

He calls auntie from outside her house to demand the evidence and sees Vincent and Uncle Carlo, the mob boss. He tells them he’ll text a meetup location for a swap.

Vincent tells everyone he knows that was Tommy Egan on the phone, and Carlo says it’s all his fault that Tommy got too close. Vincent’s tasked with bringing Tommy to Unc or else.

Meanwhile Elisa Marie is innocently probing Tommy’s mom for information and figures out who Jamie/Ghost is and how everyone is connected. Tommy storms in and rants against him mom for talking to the little girl but they’re interrupted. Paz is banging on the door, so he makes them hide.

Paz does her spiel about wanting Tommy to kill Jamie but he kicks her out and gets ready to leave with Elisa Marie. His mom wants to know what’s going to happen to her, and emotionally pleas with him by saying she’s the same age as Cash. He goes off on Kate, but then rushes out with Elisa Marie.

In the car, they have a heart to heart when Elisa Marie picks up the engagement ring for Keisha and says it’s pretty. She asks if he was going to give it to Cash’s mom, and she shares a story about her mom’s heirloom ring that she loved. Her mom pawned it, and they bond about growing up with junkie moms. She finally asks if he killed her dad, and he says she wouldn’t want to really know.

They stop, talk about her dad’s job and Tommy says her dad’s hands were dirty and lots of people wanted to kill him. He just wants to get rid of the recording. Elisa Marie shares she knew her dad let her mom die to protect her, but now everyone she loves is gone.

Just then, Tommy gets that call from 2-Bit about Dre and B.G. He decides to drop Elisa Marie home untouched, saying he was wrong about his brother and needs to go help him.

Tommy gets a few doses of Truth

Tommy then meets up with Tariq and asks if he’s seen Dre. He learns Dre was at Truth blackmailing Ghost earlier, was picked up the cops, and is now looking to skip town. Tommy tells Tariq that he was wrong about Ghost killing Keisha, ratting out his drug operation, and the Proctor thing.

Tariq angrily replies, “F*** that, Uncle Tommy. He ruined all our lives,” and refuses to help Tommy save Ghost by setting a trap for Dre. Tommy tries to convince him to help and they all can forgive each other. Tariq tells Tommy he shouldn’t help him either, and if Dre wants to kill Ghost, he’s not getting in the way.

Tommy drives to Truth and right before he gets there, Vincent and his men block him in on the street. He purposely rams into Vincent’s car and a gunfight breaks out, and Tommy ends up taking them all out except Vincent, who points a gun at his head. Vincent starts rambling, but says they found him through TARIQ. Tommy bests him and beats him to death.

He goes to Truth and finds Ghost BLEEDING OUT ON THE FLOOR from the gunshot. Ghost is fading out, but Tommy asks if Dre did it. No. Tommy says, “You’re gonna be alright, brother, you’re gonna be alright. You’ve been through worse than this.

“I don’t know about this time,” Ghost says and looks up toward the upper level. Tommy’s attention looks up and his face grimaces with anger, and he says, “What?!” He knows the killer and aims.

With the life draining out of him, Ghost says “Tommy Tommy, no. No no Tommy. Let it go.” With watery eyes, Tommy looks at Ghost and begs him to stay with him. With sirens in the background, Ghost tells Tommy he has to run. “Stay with me.” Ghost dies.

It’s time to ride out, but two last things

Tommy goes to his mother’s house and she accuses him of killing Ghost, and says a bunch of mean things. They bicker, and she tells him Ghost left her money, and an envelope for him. He tells her he’s going to California.

Tommy clears out his apartment, gets his blue Mustang out of storage, and hits the road. He gets a call from 2-Bit about Spanky snitching and he finds Spanky—who is obviously not in witness protection—walking down a street.

After some small talk about ratting him out, Tommy shoots him in the head. Tommy makes one last stop to see Elisa Marie, and she hands over both copies of the recording, including the one hidden in her necklace. They’re cool.

The episode closes with Tommy leaving the city and an announcement comes on the radio about James St. Patrick’s death and whether Rashad Tate will take his place. “F*** me,” he says.