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What are the repercussions of Keisha’s murder? That’s the lingering question moving forward in this episode of Power, and with Tommy simmering in his grief, he’s quietly unhinged and is looking for vengeance. But even with that going on, there are people looking to ruin him too. Let’s get on with this week’s recap.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick of ‘Power’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Tommy plots, Ghost switches up

Tommy, still seething over Keisha’s death, drops Cash off with his father, Kadeem. The two briefly discuss finding out who’s responsible for her murder and Tommy promises to make them pay, but Tommy blames Ghost. As he’s leaving, Rodriguez approaches him and accuses him of killing Keisha. He tells her to keep being a genius and do her job to find out who really did it. In a separate scene, Tommy tells Ghost that he planted a gun in an elevator compartment so Ghost can kill Jason, but he’s lying.

Meanwhile, Ghost meets with a real estate agent about buying a building, leaving us wondering what he’s up to next. Ramona shows up with gubernatorial candidate Lorette Walsh, and they sweet talk him into a future in politics. The offer? Running alongside Walsh as lieutenant governor. He’s in.

Dre keeps the snitching going, Ghost plots, goes psycho

Once again, Dre proves he’s the king of the rats when he tells Rodriguez to look into Tommy’s crew about Keisha’s murder, and she can find the location of Tommy’s spot by checking the ankle monitor. Then he volunteers information that it’s also Tommy’s stash house and walks off grinning. Again, when will he die?

Of course, there’s a raid and only Tommy’s crew gets picked up. Tommy missed it by just a few minutes, but 2-Bit and the guys spot him lurking from the street, believing he’s the cause of the bust. Now he’s without his crew or a warehouse, and it’s all because of Dre.

Ghost talks Jason into to meeting him at the new building under the guise of going into a real estate deal together, and although he’s suspicious, he agrees. Ghost, making his rounds, heads to Tasha’s empty day care center to talk to her about Tariq and discovers she’s selling out of there. What makes things worse is when he finds out from Tariq’s teacher that the boy’s been working an “after-school job” at his mom’s daycare. It clicked.

That set Ghost off and he confronted Tasha about Tariq’s involvement in the drug game. During an argument with her, he threatens to shut her business down and take Yasmine, and when Tasha threatened him with going to the feds about everything—including Terry Silver—he lost it.

Enraged, Ghost pushes her into a kitchen corner, squeezes her arms and restrains her movements, and putting his hand over her mouth, scares the crap out of Tasha. She has bruises. He leaves after poking her in the head with his finger and saying if something happens to Tariq, it’s on her.

But it’s not over, because he then called in an anonymous police tip saying that drugs were being sold out of Tasha’s daycare. Her place is searched the next day.

Ghost kills, Tasha sweats

Ghost’s plan to kill Jason succeeds in spite of Tommy warning the Serbian boss that Ghost was after him. After an elevator fight, Ghosts bests Jason and strangles him. He left the body on the roof of the new building.

In a different scene, Tommy is talking to Tasha and Tariq about taking out Ghost because the last straw was killing Keisha. Tasha looks sick but puts on a convincing act like she didn’t do it. They give Tommy the ok to kill Ghost, and he leaves. Tariq sees the bruises on Tasha and learns Ghost did it, but he also learns his mom killed Keisha. She excuses it by saying she was protecting the family, and Tariq angrily declares he should be the one doing the protecting.

Tommy almost gets done, Dre almost gets caught

This is a moment that angered viewers, because Benny, Proctor’s mob boss cousin, is one of the hardest characters on the show. That’s why no one understands why he rolled up on Tommy alone with only a knife. His plan to kill him as payback for Proctor’s death backfired. Tommy bests Benny and stabs him to death in a hallway. Tommy lives to see another day, and everyone is wondering who will get justice for Proctor.

Back at Ghost’s building, Dre believes he’s meeting Jason about business but finds his body. He’s seen standing over him by a security guard, yet somehow manages to slip away.

Ghost gets confronted by Tate who has pieced together that he is in fact, Ghost of street infamy. Of course, he denies it, but still threatens Tate with if-I-was-this-Ghost-person bravado and they part ways on bad terms.

The cops try to turn Tasha, Dre runs scared

Saxe and Rodriguez visit Tasha to talk about Keisha, and she pretends she’s concerned about finding the killer. They want her to point to James/Ghost, and the line that gets her is “How long before he tries to kill you, Tasha?”

Rodriguez says they’ll look into the Tariq/Ray-Ray connection if she doesn’t help, but instead of saying Ghost killed Keisha, Tasha snitches and says he killed Silver and gave them the location of the body. How does she know that? It works, and they find the body.

Dre runs back to Saxe and wants to team up to take down Ghost. Saxe wants Dre to plant a phone found at Silver’s crime scene on Ghost. He plants it at his penthouse.

Tariq bucks up

At the end of the episode, Tariq goes to tell his father he doesn’t want to be around him anymore and to stay away from his mother. He unleashes a rant against Ghost/James saying he’s not a child, and the only person who could turn him against him is him. He’s sick of Ghost, and tells him he never did a thing for him.

Ghost tries to talk Tariq out of the street life and reminds him that he’s his father, but Tariq is angry and continues to curse him out. He tells Ghost to stay away from him and his mother. By the end, Tariq says he’ll kill him if he touches his mom again, and that “You may have given me life, but you’ll never be my f****** father.”