‘Power’: Fans Loved These Moments in the Episode About Tate

Out of all the characters in Power standing in James/Ghost’s way of going legit, Rashad Tate was among the slickest of roadblocks because of his connections in high and low places. Fans know that Tate is a grimy, conniving liar but he has the ability to get certain things done—and undone.

Like Tommy, he has funny one-liners but unlike Tommy, he can easily switch between being a street dude or polished political candidate. Episode 14 opened up with a salty and defeated Tate sulking in a bar, but by the end, he’s back on top.

Although “Reversal of Fortune” isn’t a favorite, fans picked apart some of the moments they found entertaining or funny in the Jan. 26 episode. Here are a few of them.

Larenz Tate
Larenz Tate | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

He called Lorette Walsh on her B.S.

Give it up for Tate for flipping the James St. Patrick script on Walsh and the DNC. He cursed her out in the restaurant after she and Steven told him to fall back, and he did it again when she and Stern came and asked for his endorsement. Tate also pointed out that she was just trying to get the black vote by using James.

The third time he shut her down was at the end of the episode after James/Ghost died. He laid out why Walsh’s bid was smeared due to James’ criminal past and why he was a better candidate. Boom, her ticket was toast and she was sent to the car. His smirk was everything.

When he changed his mind about warning Ghost…

At first, it may have seemed like Tate was feeling guilty about hiring the father/son hitmen to kill Ghost. He was only trying to cover his tracks since he decided to work with the feds in the interest of taking James down.

In order to avoid getting implicated (and maybe his heart warmed up a bit), he rushed to Truth to warn James/Ghost, but Ghost gave him an unholy, arrogant verbal beatdown and wouldn’t stop.

Tate made several attempts to tell him, but after Ghost’s condescending putdowns, Tate had it. His facial expression said, “eff this, never mind,” and he walked out. He did that knowing Ghost’s life was at risk.

Tate snapped on Ramona

This man likes his grudges, and fans thought it was funny when he dissed Ramona toward the end of the episode after she switched allegiances, rubbed James’ candidacy in his face, and threatened to call the police on him.

To get back at her, he sullied her name by lying to the press and saying she slept with St. Patrick, a married man. When she confronted him about it, he stood his ground and got smacked.

He gave Cassandra the boot

Slimy until the end, Tate decided to have one last hurrah with Cassandra, the woman who extorted her way into a congressional seat. After sleeping with her—in a high-end suite she paid for—he kicked her to the curb and let her know she would not be riding his coattails to the governor’s mansion.

Is Tate in the clear for good or will he be in a spinoff? Keep watching Power to find out.