‘Power’: Did Omari Hardwick Play in the NFL?

Omari Hardwick is known for his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the beloved and long-running drama series Power. In the series, Hardwick was charismatic and dangerous as the New York City nightclub owner who had a double life as a loving family man and sinister kingpin.

The 47-year-old actor dominated the series as the lead, so when Ghost met a violent end during the final season of the series, fans were absolutely devastated. Thankfully, they haven’t had to let go of the Power Universe altogether. The drama series has spawned several spinoffs, which all follow pivotal characters from the original show.

Though Hardwick is now known for his acting prowess, his original dream had nothing to do with heading to Hollywood.

 Omari Hardwick looks into the camera
Omari Hardwick | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

How did Omari Hardwick earn the role of James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick on ‘Power’?

Hardwick was making a name for himself in Hollywood before he earned his role as Ghost on Power. In the years prior he starred in Ava DuVernay’s debut film I Will Follow as well as her movie, Middle of Nowhere. From there he also starred in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls and in the first season of BET’s Being Mary Jane opposite Gabrielle Union.

However, his audition for Power showed a side of the actor that had never been seen before on screen. Power creator Courtney A. Kemp hired the actor because of one thing in his performance. “When I sat down with Courtney the first time pre-season one, she said, ‘I’m hiring you for your rage.’” Hardwick told a Television Critics Association panel. “I got her point, and I didn’t argue it one bit.”

Hardwick added that he found freedom in being able to express his rage freely as a Black man. He was also inspired by the character Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.

“I think the emotion that was best and most favorable for me to play that bubbled up in me the most was just this ambition,” Hardwick said. “I read Moby Dick when I was in high school, but I decided to read it again when I got this part of Ghost because just this guy’s quest, just this desire, like people are addicted to social media, he was addicted to the conquering of a whale.”

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Will Omari Hardwick return to the ‘Power’ Universe?

Since Hardwick was so beloved for his role as Ghost, fans were absolutely shattered when the character died in the final season of the show. In fact, there is a major theory that Ghost didn’t actually die from his gunshot wound. Fans are desperate that Hardwick returns to the role in one of the Power spinoffs. Fans think we could see Ghost again in Power Book II: Ghost or one of the forthcoming shows, Power Book III: Raising KananPower Book IV: Force, and Power Book V: Influence.

However, according to Hardwick’s IMDb, he will be far too booked and busy to wear one of Ghost’s suits again. Hardwick is currently starring in Zack Synder’s Netflix blockbuster, Army of the Dead and there is also talk that his character will be getting his own spinoff movie.

Moreover, the Georgia born actor has also be cast in a Netflix flick titled, The Mothership opposite Halle Berry.

Did Omari Hardwick play in the NFL?

Still, before his major success on Power, Hardwick had dreams of playing in the National Football Association. Hardwick was a cornerback on the 1995 Georgia Bulldogs football team at the University of Georgia alongside Champ Bailey and Hines Ward.

After graduating from college, Hardwick hoped to join the San Diego Chargers. He declared himself for the NFL Draft, but he was not selected, so he refocused his attention on acting.