‘Power’ Season 6, Episode 11 Recap: Fans Rejoice This Character is Finally Dead

Power returned on Jan. 5 and as promised, the show rewound the clock on the day that Ghost was shot. The first of the last five episodes, “Still Dre,” was dedicated to none other than the series’ reigning snitch and what he was doing before, during, and after the shooting.

Told from his perspective, it showcased things we didn’t really know about the character, but it seems the writers’ humanization of Dre really didn’t work. No one likes him. Here’s a recap of the educational experience that is episode 11. Don’t read this spoiler if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Cast of 'Power'
(L-R from top) Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, Rotimi, Michael Rainey Jr., Larenz Tate, Courtney A. Kemp, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren of ‘Power’ | Getty Images/Rich Fury

Dre believes in himself

The opening scene shows Dre at home in papa mode while explaining to his girlfriend Tina why they should stay in New York. She wants to escape the heat that’s on him, but he believes they’re safe now and that he can become the drug king of NYC with his operation. According to him, he made a move that will ensure nothing will ever happen to her, him, or their baby Heaven ever again.

He then looks at the TV and learns that James/Ghost left Tate’s campaign and is running for lieutenant governor with Walsh. Now he’s pissed and heads to Saxe’s house.

Dre confronts him about planting the phone and taking Ghost down, and Saxe says it’s going to take time. He then breaks the news to Saxe that Ghost is running for office. Dre, who’s obviously scared, tells Saxe to fix things and walks out.

Nothing can stop Dre from being grimy

Things flip to him standing in warehouse with his crew, including an old jail buddy named O.Z. who just joined the fold. While they’re discussing product and distribution problems, Dre says he’s done with the Serbians, but a voice calls out, “But we’re not done with you.” Finally!

The Serbians are there to avenge Jason and they only want Dre, not a fight. But O.Z. fires the first shot and shootout occurs. Dre barely escapes after using his homeboy O.Z. as a shield (insert head shake). He slips out the warehouse with a bullet wound in his arm, cheating death once again. He heads home where Tina patches him up and she reiterates they have to leave town.

After some back and forth, he agrees, but realizes he needs money. She tells him there’s one person he needs to see about it.

Sergeant Rodriguez twists facts, works to recruit a new snitch

2-Bit and Spanky were just brought in from being picked up at Tommy’s warehouse and are being interrogated by Rodriguez separately. 2-Bit is too hard to give up any intel on Tommy, even though she tries to use psychology to pit everyone against Tommy.

They each declare, “I ain’t no snitch,” but eventually, she wears Spanky down with threats about the three-strike law and doing hard time. He tells her to look into Poncho’s murder.

Dre shakes everyone down

That person who Dre needed to see is his mother. He rolls up on her in a church parking lot, woefully pleading his case with her about turning his life around and needing financial help. He’s whining. She hasn’t seen him in years and didn’t know about his daughter. She doesn’t believe anything he says and refuses to help. “When you gonna stop lying, Andre? You think you can play me like that?”

Since that doesn’t work, he goes to Tasha’s daycare to extort her for money. He says he’ll snitch on Tariq unless she throws him $50,000, and she tells him to kick rocks. After threatening to burn her daycare down, he tells her to call Tariq to get money. She does it and sets up a meeting between the two.

Dre and Tariq link up and junior brings Dre about $10,000, saying he’ll get the rest, but he needs Dre to get a gun for him. Dre counters with a request to see Ghost in return for getting the piece, and Tariq is reluctant at first because he and his pops are not even on good terms. Dre gets his way anyway.

The two jet off to Ghost’s office at Truth and he asks Tariq, “Why you would you bring our enemy here?” Tariq explains that Dre threatened to snitch if he didn’t, and Ghost orders him out the room. Dre starts whining about Ghost setting him up for Jason’s murder and Ghost pretends he didn’t know about Jason’s death.

Dre says he needs money to keep quiet and leave town, and Ghost offers $250,000. Dre complains, but Ghost says take the deal, and he’ll text him in an hour with a meeting place and time. We saw this scene play out already from Ghost’s perspective, so we know how this goes.

Next, Ghost gives the speech about Dre being a wannabe gangster. Tsk tsk. Dre finally leaves.

Jail is a place where dots get connected

2-Bit and Spanky discuss who ratted on Tommy’s operation, and while Spanky insists it was probably Tommy, 2-Bit is more thoughtful. He figures it was Dre. Spanky looks concerned.

Meanwhile Dre goes to shake down Tate for new IDs and license plates and gives up dirt on the St. Patricks, particularly the fact that Tariq killed Ray Ray. Dre loves being the emperor of the rat kingdom, and Tate agrees to help. He’s then seen smiling and talking to his girlfriend on the phone, telling her he’s picking up the money and paperwork. But the cops roll up on him at the meet spot thanks to Ghost betraying him. He’s arrested for Jason’s murder.

2-Bit and Spanky are transferred from holding to a jail cell in orange jumpsuits. This is where 2-Bit gets the call from Ghost to put out a jailhouse hit on Dre. In return, he’ll financially take care of his and Spanky’s families while they’re locked up. Like clockwork, Dre shows up in jail and 2-Bit positions himself with a shank.

Dre creates a distraction to get himself out of a fatal situation, but a guard comes and takes him to Rodriguez. He strikes a dirty deal with her based on the joint lie that he saw Ghost kill Terry Silver. She gets him out. 2-Bit and Spanky conclude that the only reason Dre’s released early is because he snitched.

Not believing Dre will be back in lockup, 2-Bit tries one last effort by calling Tommy from the burner phone. During this conversation, B.G.’s death is finally acknowledged and Tommy didn’t know he was dead or that Dre did it.

Tommy refuses to help 2-Bit with Dre because he has the feds on his neck and they’re investigating him over Poncho. 2-Bit is suspicious about the Poncho thing because who else knew about that?

Dre escapes, but then gets lured back in

While being transported by FBI agents for witness protection, Dre tricks them into stopping the car so he can pee. It’s nighttime, and he stands behind a pillar and pretends to go, but then runs off. Next stop? Mama’s house. He breaks into the affluent home and sneaks into her closet where her jewelry is kept. But Mama Coleman was not sound asleep, and while he’s sifting through her stuff, she surprises him from behind with a cocked pistol and some harsh words.

She goes off about how he’s always been evil, and he runs down a whiny soliloquy about the terrible way she treated him as a child. It looks like he’s about to cry. Dre then snatches the gun and turns it on her and adds that he purposely kept his daughter away from her.

He drops the gun and goes outside where his girlfriend and baby are waiting in a Mercedes. We’re not sure whose car it is or how she knew to meet him there, but there they are.

He drives off to go see Tate about the IDs, but the councilman has one last job for him. He spills $100,000 on the desk and says he needs Dre to kill James St. Patrick “tonight.” Dre is hesitant because he knows it won’t be an easy job. Tate offers half of the money in advance and the rest after the job. Dre tries to buck up and demands all of the money on the spot, but Tate does not back down and uses the IDs and tags as leverage. Who’s gangster now?

Dre finally agrees, saying, “You ain’t got nothing to worry about, ‘cause you just paid me to do something I’d do for free.” He leaves, gets in the car, and gives the new identities and cash to his girlfriend. “I got it done, Baby.”

He explains that he has to take Ghost out under the agreement with Tate, but she seemingly talks him out of it because they have the cash and IDs. He agrees and drives off, but changes his mind and argues, “I gotta do this,” and turns the car around to go to Truth.

Who shot Ghost?

Mobb Deep’s “The Start of Your Ending” comes to mind for the next scenes in “Still Dre.” Dre arrives at Truth and goes to pull out his gun as he approaches the back entrance. Inside, he hears a gunshot and runs out. Outside, he runs into Rodriguez and knocks her out with one punch.

He hurries and speeds away but while at a red light, sees Tommy standing on a street corner before he disappears. He’s shook and hauls it to a gas station for snacks and gas, which seems like poor planning.

There, he learns from a TV broadcast that James St. Patrick was killed at his nightclub. Dre smugly heads back out to the car, but the cops roll up and arrest him for the crime. He looks distraught.

In county lockup, he’s booked, and his mom and girlfriend come to see him in his orange jumpsuit. Tina scolds him, and his mother assures him that she’ll help take care of his girl and daughter, telling him she loves him, but he belongs there.

He’s scared and begs her to help him get a good lawyer, otherwise he’s a dead man. He tearfully says goodbye to Heaven and says he’ll be out soon.

Of course, Dre crosses paths with 2-Bit and Spanky in the dining hall who are happy to see this dude back in jail. But Dre stages a fight so he can get sent to solitary. He’s sitting on the floor when the door flap opens and wet towels are tossed into the cell. It’s Spanky and the towels are doused with something flammable. 2-Bit tells him it’s a gift from Ghost.

Without a guard in sight and nowhere to run, he begs for his life, telling them Ghost is dead. 2-Bit says the money from Ghost is just a bonus. Dre gets squirted with the liquid and they toss a lighter into the cell, roasting a screaming Dre to a fiery crisp! No one sheds a tear, and this is perhaps the most celebrated death on Power. To the end, he was definitely still Dre.

In a closing scene, Spanky signs some papers with Rodriguez and is preparing to be transported to witness protection. You can predict how that will go.