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We won’t waste time recapping all the drama and shenanigans from last week’s episode of Power, because as you know, it’s only a matter of time before someone else’s ticket gets punched. This week, the spotlight is on Tariq and his antics, but Dre is still a snake.

Naturi Naughton
Naturi Naughton of ‘Power’ | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty Show Presented by Amazon Prime Video

Tariq gets checked

In what initially feels like some weird dream sequence, Ghost puts a gun to Tariq’s head and wakes him up. He questions him about why he left the penthouse door open, thinking Tariq was helping Tommy to kill him.

Using Kanan and Sean as an example, he threatens Tariq by telling him that his disloyalty has made him his enemy, and he’ll make it look like he took his own life. Tariq insists Ghost wasn’t the target.

After some back and forth about drug-dealing, Ghost takes Tariq to see the destroyed penthouse. He makes Tariq cough up his illegal earnings, then threatens him again by saying if he doesn’t cut off contact with Tommy, he’ll tell him he stole drugs from him.

By the look on Tariq’s face, it’s just making him more defiant. He even calls Ghost by his street name, angry that he took the money “he worked hard for.”

No one sees eye-to-eye

Tommy gives Keisha gun for protection, but she’s jealous of Tommy being so protective of Tariq. That gun will later come in handy.

In another scene, Ghost tells Tasha how he “handled” Tariq and put him back on track by aiming at gun at him and issuing threats. Tasha is angry over his actions but upset that Tariq has been sneaking, dealing, and hiding things in Raina’s room.

But she isn’t convinced Ghost’s methods worked and warns him that Tariq hates him, and doesn’t respect him. Tariq overhears their conversation through the door and leaves the apartment. Where did he go?

A cut to Tommy’s warehouse shows his three guys doing inventory when 2-Bit discovers some open packages and missing product. While the guys are arguing about what happened, Keisha walks in, overhears, and accuses them of taking it.

She threatens to run to Tommy, and 2-Bit grabs her by the arm and tells her that’s going to make Tommy go psycho. She is not happy he touched her, and storms out, promising to tell Tommy. We all know who really took it.

On another side of town, Tate’s campaign staffer, Derek, catches his wife, Cassandra, cheating on him with Tate. He quits, and says he’s taking his knowledge to the opponent. Tate looks worried.

He gets chewed out about it by Ramona after the photo op/press conference that reunites Dre with his daughter. Dre asks that the pictures not be publicized until after the election. In a side conversation, James/Ghost and Tate strike a deal to address the Derek thing in exchange for Tate helping Tariq get into a new private school.

Everyone is uncovering truths

The feds figure out that Proctor and his daughter were staying with Ghost as guests, and Warner sends Saxe to find the Elisa Marie.

At the same time, Keisha figures out that Tariq is the one stealing drugs from Tommy, but he refuses to believe it. He thinks Tariq doesn’t even know where the warehouse is, be we know better. Right now, Tommy’s more worried about the Reyes guy that Jason brought in from the West Coast for a supposed distribution expansion.

Elsewhere, Tariq meets up with Dre, not knowing Ghost promised to link Dre up with Jason. Tariq wants help from Dre obtaining product. After initially refusing, he gives in, telling Tariq he thought he’d have to buy his silence anyway.

Loose ends are being discovered or tied up

We guess Saxe never found Elisa Marie because Det. Rodriguez tracks her down at school. While questioning the little girl about what happened during the night of the shooting, she notices her unicorn keychain is missing.  

When she mentions her mother gave it to her, a light bulb goes off in the detective’s head. She later digs through Saxe’s office and finds it.

If you thought something dirty was going to happen with Derek, Tate’s staffer, you thought right. James/Ghost approaches him in a dark garage and makes him an offer.

Apparently, he’ll oversee the Queen’s Child Project with a bump in salary in exchange for not selling Tate out to the competition. James took control of the situation and Tate hates that.

Speaking of offers, Ramona offers Cassandra the chance sign a non-disclosure agreement and take some money so she can keep quiet. But Cassandra wants her own congressional seat and tries to play hardball. Ramona does not cave.

Ghost, on a roll with making deals, tries to bribe Keisha into leaving town. He hands her a check and walks away. We don’t see her rip it up. He later meets with Jason and tells him he has a new distributor who can replace Tommy, and Jason says if he likes him, Ghost is clear to kill Tommy whenever.

Back at the warehouse, Tommy confronts 2-Bit over the Keisha spat. Spanky tries to calm everyone down and points out that Keisha is the common denominator in their business problems, and she started it with 2-Bit. Tommy didn’t intend to shoot 2-Bit, but he does fire him—and Spanky.

Those two decide to hire a third party to scare Keisha out of the business after learning Dre is still alive (via the photo op). They plan to grab Dre and bring him to Tommy to get back in his good graces.

Tommy severs ties, Keisha shoots

Tommy confronts Tariq about stealing and lying. He finally comes clean, and after he does, Tommy hangs him over the side of a building, explaining that this is the game. Petrified, Tariq apologizes but Tommy isn’t hearing it. He disowns Tariq as family, telling him he’s just like his father and he can’t be trusted.

2-Bit and Spanky’s plans unfold. Their guy attempts to rattle Keisha in her shop at knifepoint, but she fights back, gets cut, and then goes for her gun. She kills Mozzy.

It flips to 2-Bit and Spanky kidnapping Dre and bringing him to Tommy, but everyone discovers the ankle monitor Saxe put on him. That’s a problem, and Tommy tells them to take Dre away.

They do, but leave him under the watch of Grimace, and Dre being the lly dude that he is, slips out of the wrist ties and tricks Grimace into giving him his phone. He grabs his gun and kills him, escaping once again. When will he die?

Tommy learns of Dre’s meeting with Jason and Ghost and crashes it, but Jason forces them into working together. They either have to—peacefully—or face financial/fatal consequences.

Saxe’s dumb deeds catch up to him, Tommy and Ghost square up again

Saxe gets in trouble for the recording, blackmailing Proctor, and trying to cover up his role in getting Proctor killed as his informant. He’s placed on leave.

 While all that’s going on, Tommy confronts Ghost about the hit on Keisha, and after arguing and getting nowhere, they decide they need to work together to kill Jason. Tommy leaves and surprises Keisha with a big house in the ‘burbs.

As the episode wraps up, Tasha is going for the parent of the year award. She calls out Tariq about the kidnapping and asked him if it was a hustle. He admits it was.

This all leads to her telling her teenage son that he can be better than Ghost ever was at the drug game with her guidance. She justifies it by saying she doesn’t want to lose another child, and that Tariq needs her help in learning the streets.

He just has to be able to navigate both worlds: legit and the drug hustle. Could this be a setup for a spinoff? Imagine a queen and prince of the drug world. Stay tuned for next week.