‘Power’ Season 6: These Characters Are the Most Irritating Right Now

Time is winding down, everyone, and there are a few main characters still standing on Power. Fans have their own predictions for who might make it out alive and possibly into a spinoff, but there’s a different side to that. The fandom for this show is invested in the fates of some and are counting on the demise of their least favorites.

If you’ve been following these stories for the entire six seasons, then you undoubtedly have your own opinion. But on social media, there is a common distaste for these characters. With the exception of the recently departed (Proctor and Keisha), here are some of Power’s most irksome players as the episodes count down.

Rotimi at 'Power' premiere
Rotimi at ‘Power’ premiere | Getty Images/Monica Schipper/WireImage


Maybe the writers are dragging this one out so that when Dre finally gets what’s coming to him, it will feel like the moment Arya took down the Night King. No one is sure but as mentioned before, he is the show’s resident sucker, snitch, and coward.

All you have to do is check out all the anti-Dre memes on social media. When his dirty ways finally catch up to him in the streets, we doubt anyone will shed a tear.


Let’s all sigh together as we mentally review Tariq’s highlight reel of stupidity. He’s gotten worse over the past few seasons, but in his defense, the kid doesn’t really have any good role models.

Not even the loss of his twin sister shifted Tariq’s perspective, and his decision-making skills continue to leave viewers miffed, baffled, and sucking our teeth. We know he’s gunning for Ghost’s crown, but will he gain it for the better?

Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez

People don’t like her or her voice. We’re not sure if it’s being done on purpose, but it has an antagonizing quality to it that makes viewers want to cry—just check Twitter.

Fans aren’t sure why she’s allowed to pop up and question people during traffic stops either. Add all that to the fact that she is a NYPD detective getting away with being a manipulative liar and Rodriguez gets bumped to the top of someone’s hit list.


He’s one of the worst federal agents in history, and everyone is surprised he kept his job as long as he did. Now that he’s unemployed and has Ghost and Tommy on his back, he will probably be prone to extra levels of desperation. With that in mind, expect him to get zanier until he checks out for good.


Sorry, Tasha St. Patrick. Her wishy-washy ways have been rubbing fans the wrong way for a minute, and her new roles as Tariq’s drug dealer life coach and Keisha’s killer aren’t earning her any points with viewers. She won’t even listen to her own mother and no one is ever really sure if she’s looking out for the youngest child.

Tasha is digging into her selfish/impulsive side like Ghost and Tommy, and some wonder if there’s a tender Mama Bear left in there anywhere.


She gets an honorable mention because even though she’s dead, her ghost manages to be annoying to Power fans. Does Ghost really need her presence and unsolicited advice?

Ghost, Tommy, and Tate are purposely being excluded from this list because their annoyance factor changes from episode to episode. Only time will tell if any of these characters switch up their behaviors or get dispatched.