‘Power’ Series Finale: Let’s Discuss Ghost’s Will and His Final Power Move

Warning: This article contains spoilers

To fans, there are a handful of notable moments to talk about in the Power series finale where several characters get caught being dirty. For many viewers, the shooting of Ghost was something that was predictable, whether they found the scene and events leading up to it to be frustrating, sad, or nonsensical. It’s over. Tariq did it, and Tasha helped him cover it up.

Like any good parent or businessman, Ghost had a will in place, and no one was expecting to receive what they did. When 50 Cent said, “Power never ends,” this is a good example. Ghost proved he can still pull all the strings – even in death! Let’s run down who received what one last time and what those special stipulations mean for Tariq and the future of the Power franchise.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick at ‘Power’ season 6 premiere | Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Money left for Paz Valdes

Back in episode 12, Paz went on a rampage trying to get Jamie/Ghost thrown in jail for anything, even if it meant tarnishing her sister’s name. Paz later found out that he amended his will after Angela’s death and left money to her in Angela’s stead. Though she didn’t want it, perhaps she took it to heart after Tasha told her to take it. Now, we want to know if Tasha will reach out to Paz for financial help.

Tommy got his car back

Ghost felt some remorse after shooting Tommy’s nice blue 1969 Mustang up when they were at each other’s throats, but no one expected him to fix it up and bequeath it to his brother when it was all said and done. Tommy headed to California in his ride and we’ll be seeing it again in a spinoff. Fun fact: Tommy’s Ford was put up for auction by Starz and VIP Fan Auctions in September of last year.


A big bowl of nothing with an extra side of two middle fingers. However, Ghost was generous enough to pay a year’s rent for her mother. Fans found this part amusing but let’s see what crafty steps Tasha will take to maneuver her kids’ inheritance from behind bars.

The St. Patrick children

Here’s where things got interesting. Forgotten baby girl Yasmine wasn’t forgotten by her father, as he left one -third of his estate to her. Since Raina is gone, Tariq inherited two-thirds of everything else Ghost had including access to life insurance funds, property, shares in Truth, stocks, and bonds.

While Tasha was fuming over her share of nothing, Tariq tells her he’ll take care of her. Noble, but not an option since Ghost threw a wrench in the plan. Tariq has to graduate a four-year degree with a 3.5 GPA at a university before he can touch anything, and until then, everything’s locked up in a trust.

Tasha, determined to get the goods sooner rather than later, arranges for Tariq to get into Stansfield overnight with the help of Stern. It’s a move that wouldn’t happen so quickly in the real world, but we know that this setup leads directly into Power Book II: Ghost.

With his mother in jail and his financial future dependent on finishing school, one can only imagine the depths Tariq will go in order to pass his classes, pay for a lawyer for Tasha, and take care of his little sister.

It’s obvious he wants to be a drug lord, and along with some help from his former roommate at Choate, he’ll probably launch an illegal business from his college campus. A college-educated version of Ghost? For those who want to watch Tariq in a spinoff, that may be the case.