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At the start of season six of Power, fans already had their minds made up about which characters topped the “most hated” list. While Angela was arguably one of the show’s least favorites, the top honor goes to Dre.

Rotimi did a great job at being at the worst, and his character helped paved the way for someone who’s now earning a place on the “He better not die” list. It’s not Ghost or Tommy either.

Cast and crew of 'Power'
Cast and crew of ‘Power’ | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Fans are rooting for this character

If you’ve been watching this season, then you’ve been keeping tabs on everyone who’s been making wise moves, sucker moves, or silent moves. Working his way up from a fringe character who didn’t really garner fan love to a fave is 2-Bit. At this point in the show, he probably deserves it.

Why? Review the last few episodes—especially “Still Dre”—and you’ll note he not only has the critical thinking skills that some of the other Power players lack, but he adheres to street code.

A quick canvas of Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram show a resounding shared sentiment that 2-Bit is “the realest one left on the show.” That hasn’t always been the case for this dude, but in the final stretch, he’s got his head on straight.

People want him to win, even if he has to do a stint in jail for whatever charges the feds have cooked up. He apparently earned extra points for reminding Dre about Broc before sending him to the sweet, infernal by-and-by, and for not snitching on anyone.

Fans want 2-Bit to survive for this reason

At this point, it’s a known fact that there will be more than one Power spinoffs coming down the pipeline. If the powers-that-be behind Power have any plans to pull supporting characters into any of the new series, fans want to see Francis Johnson—a.k.a. 2-Bit—in at least one of them.

Even though he switched his loyalties up a few times, he’s been proving he’s a soldier since season three. Maybe there’s a chance to see him in a prequel before he got caught up as Dre’s one-time right hand, or after the events of season six. Either way, people hope he makes it out this installment of the series alive—and without snitching.

What could happen next for 2-Bit/Francis

Since episode 12 didn’t focus on the fallout from Dre’s rat tactics or Tommy’s whereabouts, viewers will have to wait for the next few episodes to find out what will happen to 2-Bit. He’s sitting on a suspicion that Spanky ratted Tommy out to the feds about Poncho’s murder. At some point, he’s either going to tell Tommy or someone else in the streets about it.

Spanky will be nothing but sitting bait in wit-sec with the way things are handled on Power, so it’ll be up to 2-Bit to decide if he’s going to set up his friend. There’s also a chance that the case against him and everyone else facing time for the warehouse bust falls apart.

The agents in charge of it don’t really know what they’re doing, so maybe 2-Bit will get out sooner than expected. Stay tuned to Power each Sunday.