Preview: ‘God Friended Me’ Season 2 Episode 15 ‘The Last Little Thing’

God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 15 is titled ‘The Last Little Thing,’ which cryptically hints at the finality of something. The CBS show typically sticks to the lighter side of drama, but there has been a shift to more intense material as of late. If this week’s promo (seen below) is any indication, ‘The Last Little Thing’ will be a tear-jerker.

Fans may go into the episode wondering how the case of the week will impact the God Friended Me gang, and if the effects will change the trajectory of the current season’s story arc, especially when it comes to Ali. Last week’s installment and this week’s teaser left viewers with a lot to chew on and a few lingering questions.

God Friended Me
God Friended Me | David Giesbrecht/CBS via Getty Images

Will the ‘God Friended’ Me team get any closer to finding out who is behind The God Account?

This season, Miles, Cara, and Rakesh have been hot on the trail of whoever created The God Account. A few weeks ago, in the episode, ‘A New Hope,’ Miles and Rakesh tracked down a hacker who they believe has ties to the elusive mastermind behind the account. When they came face-to-face with him, the hacker gave Miles and Rakesh a pretty convincing dog and pony show.

In the episode, ‘BFF,’ The hacker’s intel was discovered to be bogus, and upon returning to shake him down for more information, the God Crew found his apartment cleaned out. But the hacker had left Miles and company a Queen of Hearts playing card as a parting gift.

A few weeks later, in the episode, ‘Raspberry Pie,’ Cara and her former colleague, Adam, took the lead on sniffing out the hacker. The clues led the duo to an underground poker club, which required a unique entry key in the form of a Queen of Hearts. Alas, the gang didn’t have time to use the key before the end of the episode. Fans can only hope that the show will pick up that thread in ‘The Last Little Thing.’

How will Cara and Miles handle the friend zone?

Season 2 of God Friended Me began with Miles and Cara’s love story, but in the episode ‘Prophet & Loss’, the couple’s romance hit a snag when Miles put the God Account before Cara’s family. By the end of the episode, her stepfather had been arrested, and Cara and Miles were on the rocks. In the subsequent weeks, they broke up, briefly made up, and then split for good.

Cara eventually forgave Miles for his part in her stepdad’s arrest, and Miles had initially chosen to prioritize Cara and quit the God Account. But he flip-flopped upon learning of Ali’s breast cancer diagnoses (more on that later). Miles’ logic dictates that the God Account will save his sister’s life if he gives up love in favor of becoming the Prophet.

With Cara and Miles in the friend zone, Adam — Cara’s old work buddy —  asked her out on a date. Cara let him down easy, but Adam left the door open for a future love connection. It is likely that Cara will eventually move on, if not with Adam, then with another beau. As of now, Miles is content to have Cara’s lifelong friendship, but their relationship dynamics could become more complicated in the future if a new love interest is added to the mix.

Will Miles’ new friend suggestion impact Ali?

In God Friended Me, ‘The Last Little Thing,’ Miles’ newest friend suggestion, Anna Combs, is a cancer survivor who is experiencing a relapse. In the promo, it appears that she is concentrating more on her bucket list than on her cancer treatment. That is where the Finer family comes in.

The Finers have some experience with the disease and could make a difference in Anna’s life. Arthur’s first wife, and Miles and Ali’s mother, beat cancer before later dying in an automobile accident. And the dreaded C-word has resurfaced on the show in the last several weeks with Ali’s diagnosis of breast cancer.

After Ali received her test results, she decided to delay chemotherapy to freeze her eggs for later implantation. It took some convincing, but all of her loved ones got on board with the plan. Similarly, it seems that Anna may be delaying or declining her own treatment.

The timing of this friend request is impeccable. The situation could create a perfect opportunity for Ali and Anna to help each other. Fans can only hope that Season 2 Episode 15, ‘The Last Little Thing,’ will end on a hopeful note.

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