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Like the bones of Dead Lucy, Nancy Drew will disappear for a few weeks. Sadly, fans cannot summon a mystical entity to conjure new episodes any time soon. That only works on TV (as far as we know). In the meantime, here’s the scoop on what is replacing the show, when it will return to The CW, and what to expect next.

Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew
Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew | Robert Falconer/The CW

What will replace all-new episodes of ‘Nancy Drew’ for the time being?

For the next few weeks, The CW is shaking up their Wednesday night lineup and giving both Riverdale and Nancy Drew a break. Penn & TellerFool Us will air at 8 p.m. in place of Riverdale. Likewise, Whose Line Is It Anyway will slide into the 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. hour while Nancy Drew takes a breather.

When will new episodes of ‘Nancy Drew’ return?

Luckily, fans can expect their favorite mystery solvers back in the lineup soon. The CW promises that both teen dramas will return on Wednesday, April 8, in their regular time slots. Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 17, ‘The Girl In The Locket,’ should continue the development of several interconnected storylines that were left hanging in the prior episode.

What will happen in ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Episode 17?

 “I’m trying to get some answers about Lucy,” Ryan Hudson says in the promo for Season 1 Episode 17, ‘The Girl In The Locket.’

In the preview, he appears to be examining a journal entry from Lucy dated March 11, 2000. In it, she describes a “seasick” feeling that she just can’t shake. Ryan deduces that it was, in fact, morning sickness that Lucy felt because she was pregnant with his child.

Nancy questions Ryan’s motives, “Why do you even care if Lucy had a baby?”

“That baby was mine!” Ryan retorts.

The preview centers around Ryan as he follows a trail of clues and demands answers from Lucy. “Why was Lucy Sable haunting you?”

[Spoiler alert: Details from previous episodes follow.]

The young Mr. Hudson is inching dangerously close to the truth about Nancy that was revealed in the previous episode, ‘The Haunting of Nancy Drew.’ In the final moments of that episode, the show dropped a heck of a bomb and created a doozy of a cliffhanger. Nancy Drew is the daughter of none other than Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson.

Meanwhile, in the coming episode, Nancy must deal with the curse she triggered back in Season 1 Episode 15, ‘The Terror of Horseshoe Bay,’ when her crew performed a supernatural ritual to contact an immortal sea spirit. They asked the being for a favor — to bring them Lucy’s bones.

The spirit obliged but required a blood sacrifice from Nancy’s new beau, Owen. Rather than let him perish, the friends saved Owen and angered the dark entity in the process. Based on the promo for ‘The Girl In The Locket,’ Nancy and the gang have been cursed, likely due to the mystic debt that Nancy owes for Dead Lucy’s bones.

What burning questions might the episode explore?

Season 1 Episode 17 could take the story in a few different directions. The show is undoubtedly hurtling into the backend of the season with several lingering questions.

Will Nancy come clean with Ryan or hide the truth from him? Will Lucy continue to haunt her daughter, or can she finally rest in peace? Will George get a severe case of the heebie-jeebies once she realizes she slept with her friend’s bio-dad? Nancy Drew fans will have a few weeks to ponder these questions before the show returns in April.

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