Preview: ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Episode 16 ‘The Haunting of Nancy Drew’

There will be lots of juicy storylines to pick up in Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16, ‘The ‘Haunting of Nancy Drew.’ The momentum will likely build from the March 4 episode, which pushed the story forward with shocking reveals, uncovered secrets, and another solved crime. Here’s a rundown of where Nancy and friends stand and a few predictions of where the plot could go.

Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew
Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew | Dean Buscher/The CW

Previously on ‘Nancy Drew’

In the Feb. 26 episode, ‘The Sign of the Uninvited Guest,’ Lucy Sable’s brother, Josh, confesses to accidentally killing Tiffany Hudson with poison meant for her husband, Ryan. It turns out that Josh blames Ryan for his sister’s death and wants revenge.

True to form, the Horseshoe Bay police department botches the investigation, loses track of Josh, and creates another mystery. Nancy and her gumshoe crew ponder how Josh procured the rare poison, White Baneberry, in the first place.

The March 4 episode of Nancy Drew, ‘The Terror of Horseshoe Bay,’ wasted no time tying up the loose end of who gave Josh the poison. After some fancy detective work, Nancy, Nick, and Ace reveal Josh’s accomplice. And it is none other than Detective Karen, Nancy’s pop’s old flame and Dead Lucy’s high school BFF. 

Karen and Josh were in cahoots to take Ryan down, but their plan went horribly awry when the wrong person ended up dead. The plot thickens even more. Karen was the arresting officer of Carson, Nancy’s dad, who is on the hook for Lucy’s murder — the same Lucy that Karen thinks Ryan killed. Karen’s judgment could be called into question about the evidence against Carson. Still, Nancy stays on the case in hopes of finding the real killer in order to prove her dad’s innocence. 

In ‘The Terror of Horseshoe Bay,’ it seems that Nancy’s crew of sleuths is expanding, with Owen’s initiation into the club by way of a supernatural ritual that nearly killed him. And by the end of the episode, the gang has found Dead Lucy’s bones, courtesy of the spirit they contacted through said ritual.

Afterward, Nancy and Owen get cozy back at his place. Across town, Nick, who is recently homeless since his boss, Josh, committed murder and closed the auto shop, moves in with George. By the way, with all of the action happening in the episode, Lucy continues to haunt Nancy with plenty of creepy visions.

Next on ‘Nancy Drew’

Based on the promo for Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16, the search for Lucy’s killer will heat up. Here’s a breakdown of the episode preview and some predictions for how things could go down in Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16, ‘The Haunting of Nancy Drew.’

In the episode promo, Nancy calls out Dead Lucy, presumably for giving her the runaround with cryptic clues and scaring the crap out of her at every turn.

“I followed every lead. I took every risk. I am trying to solve your murder!” Nancy chastises Lucy in the teaser.

The preview shows Nancy’s car driving down the coast, perhaps to follow more clues provided by Lucy. The teen detective is desperate to find Lucy’s killer and exonerate Carson. Later, Nancy’s car is seen in a clearing, and two people are racing toward an unseen destination.

Images of Lucy’s pristine pink formal gown hint that there will be a flashback to the night of her murder. Meanwhile, Carter, the sole suspect in the killing, heads to court for his hearing, and Ryan, the only other suspect — probably a red herring — is also featured prominently in the preview.

Overall, the episode looks to include all of the delights that Nancy Drew fans love, including jump-scares, snooping youngsters, and good old-fashioned breaking-and-entering.

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