Prince Andrew Just Pushed Boundaries By Speaking for Queen Elizabeth About Coronavirus Crisis

Prince Andrew is no longer a working royal — so why is he speaking on behalf of Queen Elizabeth?

Royal followers were quite confused recently when the disgraced royal conveyed a message to the Chinese ambassador on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. It’s true that the monarch has been outwardly supportive of her son in recent weeks despite forcing him to step down from royal duties in late 2019. However, since he’s no longer a working royal, you’d think he’d be more careful speaking about such serious matters.

Do Prince Andrew’s recent comments prove that he’s still in the queen’s good graces?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Duke of York had dinner with the Chinese ambassador to Britain

Most royal followers expected Prince Andrew to slink away silently after being forced into retirement by Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family. But now he’s causing all kinds of controversy after having dinner with the Chinese ambassador, Liu Xiaoming.

Over the weekend, Xiaoming tweeted that the Duke of York offered his and Queen Elizabeth’s sympathies over the current coronavirus situation in China. According to the social media post, Prince Andrew is still speaking on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The Chinese ambassador said he spoke to Prince Andrew about the coronavirus crisis

If Prince Andrew is no longer working as a senior royal, then he certainly shouldn’t be speaking for the queen. But that’s precisely what the Chinese ambassador said he did.

“Her Majesty The Queen sent an encouraging message to President Xi and Chinese people,” Xiaoming wrote. “At the critical time of fighting #coronavirus, I express my sincere sympathy for Chinese people, and pray for the speedy control and victory over the virus. It was conveyed by Duke of York.”

The palace refused to confirm the statement, Vanity Fair reported. They would only say that the alleged incident was a “private meeting” and they refused to expand on what transpired.

Queen Elizabeth seemingly forgave Prince Andrew for his involvement with the Jeffrey Epstein case

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew | Samir Hussein/WireImage

The queen hates scandal more than anything, but that wasn’t enough to make her disown her son, Prince Andrew. Mere days after the news broke that the Duke of York would be resigning from royal duties effective immediately, Her Majesty was spotted riding horses with him on the grounds of her private estate.

Even though Prince Andrew is her son, royal followers were not pleased with this development and accused the queen of being too soft with her son. The extent of Prince Andrew’s involvement is still unclear. But we do know that at the very least, his friendship with Epstein cast a negative cloud over the whole British royal family.

Prince Andrew will also walk Princess Beatrice down the aisle

It wasn’t just the Chinese ambassador getting Prince Andrew in trouble with the public. After the Palace announced the date of the upcoming royal wedding for Princess Beatrice, they also made it a point to specifically say the Duke of York would be walking his daughter down the aisle. The statement sent a huge message about Prince Andrew being forgiven for any past transgressions.

Considering all the ways Queen Elizabeth has been keeping her son in the fold, it’s not too shocking after all that Prince Andrew felt empowered to speak on behalf of his mother the queen.