Royal Fans Are Furious That the Royal Family Just Wished Prince Andrew Happy Birthday on Instagram

Megxit is the least of the British royal family’s problems right now. Though the royal family is still reeling from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s resignation — they aren’t exactly coming off in the best light with the Prince Andrew debacle.

In November 2019 — the favored son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip stepped away from royal life after an explosive interview he gave to BBC News Night defending his relationship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  He described Epstein’s behavior as “unbecoming.” He said they remained friends because it was “the honorable and right thing to do.” Things got even more intense when one of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, accused the prince of sexual abuse.

The royal family was horrified, and as a result, Prince Andrew stepped away from his royal duties and the spotlight. Unfortunately, it looks like the prince is ready to step back into the spotlight and the royal family is allowing it.

The Prince Andrew scandal has only gotten worse

Though the prince was supposed to be laying low, that did not happen. He recently attended Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s event celebrating Chinese New Year and participated in photographs. However, he’s done little to help with the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case. “Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation,” an insider told the Associated Press.

“There has been a renewed focus on Mr. Epstein’s friends and associates which could potentially instigate further criminal and/or civil investigations against these individuals,” a document obtained by The Sun read. “The investigation could be reopened in light of the current revelations and further victims coming forward.”

Now, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are concerned an investigation will be opened into Prince Andrew. “Both had hoped the Duke of York could perhaps be rehabilitated back into public life in time but that is now looking increasingly unlikely,” a source told The Sun.

Queen Elizabeth canceled Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday celebration

Back in November, Queen Elizabeth canceled the Duke of York’s birthday celebration which was set around Feb. 19, 2020. It was supposed to highlight the prince’s charities. However, Prince Andrew has stepped away from all of his charity organizations. Instead, the prince will have small family dinner to mark his 60th year.

In fact, government buildings in the U.K. won’t even be lowering their flags halfway as they do for royal family members in celebration of Prince Andrew. However, this hasn’t stopped the royal family from celebrating the prince very publically.

The British royal family just wished Prince Andrew Happy Birthday on social media

The British royal family just wished Prince Andrew a Happy 60th birthday on Instagram and Twitter. The message read, “On this day in 1960, Prince Andrew was born at Buckingham Palace, the first child born to a reigning monarch for 103 years. Happy Birthday to The Duke of York.”

Obviously, this is a terrible look for a very rocky monarch. To say royal fans are enraged is an understatement. One IG user commented saying, “Hmmmm. I am not sure this message is appropriate considering what he has been a part of.” Another added, “All things considered, this post is a little tone-deaf.”

Things aren’t too much better on Twitter. “This 29 minute old Tweet has aged badly,” one user Tweeted. This is… not good.