Prince Andrew Is ‘Spoiled and Entitled’ Insider Says

Megxit might seem like the biggest thing to rock the British royal family in recent months, but it’s hardly the most scandalous thing the royals have had to deal with lately. In November 2019 four months after the death of financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew gave an interview so shocking that it would end his career.

The Duke of York went on BBC News Night where he boldly defended his friendship with Epstein. Though he denied the sexual abuse allegations against him, Prince Andrew said he saw no reason to end his friendship with Epstein after his conviction.

Prince Andrew‘s News Night interview was so harrowing that he’s since stepped back from public royal life. The FBI is also requiring his corporation in the child sex trafficking allegations against Epstein, but allegedly the prince is refusing to assist.

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Prince Andrew has always had a questionable reputation

Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein and the allegations that he abused Virginia Roberts when she was just 17 might seem shocking to some, but if you look closely at the duke’s life, there is more than what appears at the surface. In his 20s, the prince earned the reputation of the “playboy prince.”

“I think his reputation as the ‘partying prince’ was perfectly fair,” royal commentator Dicky Arbiter said. “In the interview [with Newsnight] he came across as arrogant and boorish and you don’t develop that over time, you are either born like that or you’re not. He might deny that he was a party-goer but pictures tell a million stories.”

Prince Andrew’s marriage to Sarah, Duchess of York, and the focus on her indiscretions meant he was able to live his high flying life under the radar.’

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The Prince Andrew scandal just got way worse

Since his News Night interview, the prince has been living life out of the royal spotlight. However, any dreams he had of being rehabilitated in the public eye have just shattered.

Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell was just arrested. Maxwell is a British socialite who has been charged on four counts in connection with the trafficking of a minor for criminal sexual activity and two counts of perjury. She was allegedly the “madame” in Epstein’s child trafficking ring. Based on Prince Andrew’s connections to Epstein and Maxwell, though he continues to deny any wrongdoing, things are looking very bad for him.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare at the moment,” British public relations agent Mark Borkowski told NBC News. “He’s inextricably linked with this story, there is no exit strategy.”

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Prince Andrew is ‘spoiled and entitled’

People certainly aren’t defending Prince Andrew. However, one source claims that he might be “too stupid” to have actually realized what was happening. Laura Goldman, who has known Maxwell for years said the prince, “didn’t really ask questions.” The New York stockbroker told Good Day Britain,

Prince Andrew doesn’t know a lot, partially because he’s not that intelligent and he is spoiled and entitled, so he didn’t really ask questions about what’s happening.

Goldman also alleged that Maxwell was a victim of Epstein’s. “He would not let her leave,” she said. “She tried many many times. There were things he had on her that if she had left in an angry way would have destroyed her life.”