Prince Charles Detested This Sad Part of His Childhood

To all outward appearances, Prince Charles has a pretty fabulous life. Not only is he next in line to take the throne as the King of England, but he has two handsome sons, several adorable grandchildren who love him dearly, a great wife, and he also gets to live a life of luxury.

There are likely many people who may even be a bit jealous of Prince Charles. However, he has a pretty casual attitude and takes everything in stride. Born into royalty, he has known no other life than the one he is currently living.

It’s pretty safe to say that Prince Charles has a lot to smile about, and we can only imagine that he knows just how lucky he is. The reality is, just like most people, there are some aspects of his life that the future king may not be happy with or may be unsure about.

While we can’t say exactly what Prince Charles things about everything, there is one important thing from years ago that has been revealed. Let’s discuss how Prince Charles detested this sad part of his childhood.

Prince Charles’ life as a future king

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Growing up in the public eye can’t be easy for anyone. Prince Charles basically lived his whole life in front of the entire world, with everyone always knowing exactly what was going on at all times.

The prince is reportedly extremely caring and has nothing but nice things to say to people that he meets. Considering how he will one day be the ruling monarch who represents all of Great Britain, a great personality is pretty much essential, and it looks like Prince Charles has nailed it.

What was Prince Charles like as a small child?

It is hard to believe that Prince Charles is already into his 70s. Although it has been decades since he was a small child running around the palace grounds, there are people who remember those days extremely well.

So, what was Charles like when he was just a young boy? Well, Vanity Fair reports that it wasn’t all fun and games. With his mother, Queen Elizabeth, being much busier than most people, Prince Charles rarely got to spend time with his parents.

In addition, he was pretty sensitive, and also a late developer, which his father, Prince Philip, didn’t like too much. He wasn’t really all that athletic, either, which caused him to have some difficulty with other boys his age. Chances are, the fact that he was constantly being photographed and followed by fans and news media since the day he was born didn’t help.

Prince Charles felt pretty isolated, and he always knew just how complex royal life could truly be.

Prince Charles detested this sad part of his childhood

So, what it is that Prince Charles detested the most about his childhood? It turns out that when he was attending Gordonstoun, an elite private school in Scotland, he was anything but happy.

He lived in accommodations with just over a dozen other students and felt that being at the boarding school was actually somewhat like being in prison. Although¬†Gordonstoun was Prince Philip’s alma mater, Prince Charles just wasn’t happy there, but he knew that he had to stay.

The daily routine was extremely strict, and although he didn’t enjoy it, he continued to follow the rules day after day, becoming more unhappy. Unfortunately, Prince Charles was bullied while at school and had to deal with a pretty mean headmaster at his dorm.

In 1963, he even went so far as to write a letter home, telling his parents and family just how horrible he was finding the school to be. Even though those days are far behind Prince Charles, it is still heartbreaking to know that he had such a sad experience during what should have been a happy and carefree time in his life.