Prince Charles Just Made It Clear He Is Taking the Spotlight Back From Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince Charles is looking to reclaim the royal spotlight following the coronavirus lockdown. The Prince of Wales just made his first face-to-face appearance in months, a huge step towards the royal family returning to a sense of normalcy. The appearance comes after Prince William and Kate Middleton became the face of the royal family during the lockdown, and royal experts believe that Charles is determined to take the spotlight back now that the lockdown is easing up.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | WPA Pool-Ben Birchall/Getty Images

Inside Prince Charles’ recent public appearance

Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, have been isolating at his Scottish estate amid the lockdown. Charles has posted several videos during the lockdown but has not had a face-to-face public outing since the beginning of March.

That all changed this week when Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited hospital workers at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. According to Express, the pair talked to 20 staff members at the hospital and made sure to distance themselves.

The two did not wear masks or gloves during the event, though royal experts praised them for staying composed and in control throughout the outing. They discussed a variety of topics with the workers and stay for around 30 minutes before leaving.

Following the event, Charles and Camilla released a statement praising the hospital staff for their tremendous work over the past few months.

“It’s been a marvelous opportunity just to have a chance of seeing people who I know have been doing so much on the, literally, on the frontline, and having to endure an awful lot of stress and strain,” Charles stated. “I think in their wonderful way how they do it, I don’t know. But delivering everything in the most effective way.”

Camilla added that she believes hospital workers have shown amazing “control” over the situation and represent “Britain at its best.”

Charles opens up about getting COVID-19

Back in March, the royal family announced that Charles had tested positive for COVID-19. At the time, there was a lot of concern as Charles had recently met with Queen Elizabeth, but thankfully no other high ranking member of the royal family contracted the virus.

After the diagnosis, Charles isolated at Birkhall alongside Camilla, who did not test positive for the virus. The two stayed in Scotland for nearly three months prior to their most recent public appearance.

Following their appearance at the hospital, Charles opened up about getting the coronavirus. According to The Telegraph, Charles revealed that he lost his sense of taste and smell while he battled the illness. Luckily, Charles only suffered from mild symptoms and was able to make a full recovery.

Later this week, Charles and Camilla are scheduled to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, who is making his first trip to the United Kingdom since the travel bans were lifted.

Considering how few other royals have made public appearances in recent weeks, it is clear that Charles and Camilla are looking to get back to their royal duties. Although returning to their normal schedules will take time, it is evident that Charles wants to be back in the spotlight following the lockdown.

Prince Charles taking the spotlight back from Prince William and Kate Middleton

Once Charles was diagnosed with COVID-19, he only posted a few videos updated royal watchers on his health. William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, however, were very active on social media during the lockdown.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in numerous video calls with organizations around the UK in a bid to keep up with some of their royal duties. They also frequently posted photos on social media, offering a unique look at their lives behind closed doors.

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William and Kate’s activity thrust them into the royal spotlight like never before, and some royal experts believed that they were quickly becoming the new faces of the royal family. This is especially true since Queen Elizabeth and Charles were both lying low in their respective estates.

But now that the lockdown is lifting, Charles is clearly looking to take back the royal spotlight. Prince William followed up with his own public appearance, being careful to make sure that Charles was first.

Prince Charles has not commented on the reports surrounding his latest public appearance.