Prince Charles Once Told Princess Diana That He Preferred Dating Married Women

According to Princess Diana’s biography by Andrew Morton, Diana knew since she was a teenager that she was destined for greatness. “I said to my father when I was aged 13, ‘I know I’m going to marry someone in the public eye,’” she revealed. Yet according to the princess, she assumed she’d marry an ambassador rather than the Prince of Wales. 

But even though her dreams came true by marrying an important man, her marriage turned out to be miserable. Diana felt trapped in a passionless union, where her husband was already in love with someone else. The woman he was in love with was Camilla Parker Bowles, who happened to be married. And as Diana reports in her biography, Prince Charles once told her that he mostly dated married women. In fact, he preferred it that way. Keep reading to find out why.

Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer Wedding Rehearsal
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Princess Diana wanted to save herself for Prince Charles

Diana admits in her biography that she never had any boyfriends before marrying Prince Charles. According to the princess, she wanted to save herself for someone important. Who knew it would be the prince? 

“All my friends had boyfriends,” she said, “but not me. I knew somehow that I had to keep myself very tidy for whatever was coming my way.”   

And while Diana never had a lover before Charles, the Prince of Wales had several girlfriends before her. And as it turns out, quite a few of them were already married. 

Prince Charles told Princess Diana that he preferred dating married women for a specific reason

Princess Diana,The Princess of Wales
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During the courting phase of Diana and Charles’ relationship, things were kept extremely formal. As Diana reveals in her book by Andrew Morton, she was forced to address Charles as “Sir” until they officially announced their engagement. Because things were so stiff between them, they hardly knew anything about each other.

Desperate to get to know her future husband, Diana asked Charles about his previous girlfriends. And apparently, most of them were already taken. 

“During their courtship, Diana had asked Charles about his previous girlfriends,” her biography states. “He had told her candidly that they were married women because, in his words, ‘they were safe’; they had their husband’s to think about.”

Princess Diana called her wedding to the Prince of Wales the ‘worst day’ of her life

Prince And Princess Of Wales Wedding
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By the time their wedding rolled around, Diana already knew that her groom was unfaithful to her. What made matters worse was that he was hopelessly in love with another woman. And because the princess was aware of the fact that she was marrying someone who wasn’t in love with her, she called her wedding the worst day of her life. 

“I sobbed my eyes out,” Diana revealed, days before her wedding. “Absolutely collapsed and it was collapsing because of all sorts of things. The Camilla thing reared its head the whole way through our engagement and I was desperately trying to be mature about the situation but I didn’t have the foundation to do it, and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.”