Did Prince Charles Date Richard Nixon’s Daughter, Tricia Nixon?

Prince Charles was once the world’s most eligible bachelors and dated several upper-class women. In his early twenties, while on a royal tour of the United States, he was photographed with Richard Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon. Did the future king and First Daughter hit it off? Find out, plus other insight into Prince Charles’s dating history, ahead.

Prince Charles and Tricia Nixon

Prince Charles and Tricia Nixon in 1970.
Prince Charles met Tricia Nixon in 1970. | Stan Wayman/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

In 1970, Prince Charles embarked on a royal tour to the United States at 21-years-old. There, he met with former United States president, Richard Nixon who introduced the royal to his daughter, Tricia Nixon. During his trip, the Prince of Wales spent a significant amount of time with the first daughter — but did Prince Charles and Tricia Nixon date? Not exactly (though, President Nixon desperately to play matchmaker).

According to reports, the former United States president made an embarrassingly obvious attempt to set his daughter up with the future king during his trip across the pond. “Seating plans constantly had Charles and Tricia side by side while the program had them spending all of each day together, even to be left alone with each other in various parts of the White House,” Anthony Holden, a royal biographer told Express. However, the young bachelor didn’t take interest in the president’s daughter. The British heir felt “distinctly annoyed” and thought of Tricia Nixon as “plastic and artificial.”  

Prince Charles’s dating history

Prince Charles and Lucia Santa Cruz
Prince Charles and his first girlfriend,
Lucia Santa Cruz | PA Images via Getty Images

Who did Prince Charles date before Princess Diana? Apparently, the bachelor had his fair share of girlfriends. Here’s what we know about Prince Charles’s dating history.

Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter of the Chilean ambassador was the Prince of Wales’s first girlfriend, but there were many more after her. The pair met at Trinity College in Cambridge and were an item for a couple of years from 1968 to 1970. Prince Charles and Lucia Santa Cruz remain friends and he even invited his former girlfriend to his and Camilla’s wedding.

In his younger days, Prince Charles was qite the ladies man. He apparently dated actress Susan George and Sheila Ferguson, the sing of Three Degrees. Additionally, he dated Laura Jo Watkins, the daughter of a United States admiral, who he met in San Diego while serving in the Royal Navy.

He also met and dated Janet Jenkins while serving on HMS Bonnington. At the time, Jenkins was a receptionist at the British Consulate in Montreal. Some believe she remained his secret lover throughout the 1970s and even his marriage to Princess Diana.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles didn’t start dating Princess Diana until 1980. | Jörg Schmitt/picture alliance via Getty Images

As the future king, Prince Charles also romanced women from upper-class families. Some of his royal romances included Sibylla Dorman, who was the daughter of the governor of Malta, as well as Lady Jane Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster’s daughter. He also courted the Earl of Westmorland’s daughter, Camilla Fane and the Duke of Grafton’s daughter, Lady Henrietta Fitzroy. He even dated Princess Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah. And, of course, he also dated Camilla Parker Bowles in his younger years. In fact, Prince Charles’s former girlfriend, Lucia Santa Cruz introduce the two.

When did Prince Charles and Princess Diana start dating?

Prince Charles met Princess Diana in 1977 when she was 16-years-old. The two didn’t end up dating until a few years later, in 1980. The Prince of Wales proposed to Lady Diana in February 1981 and they married just a few months later in July 1981.  

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