Prince Charles Was Once Reportedly Gravely Concerned For Kate Middleton’s Health

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton have had a good relationship since she and Prince William started dating back in 2002. Kate, who has welcomed three kids with the prince, has become one of the most widely respected royal family members. But the duchess was once admitted to the hospital during her pregnancy — and Charles was gravely concerned about her health.

Kate Middleton and Prince Charles
Kate Middleton and Prince Charles | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton now have a close bond

At this point, Charles and Kate have known each other for almost as long as Kate has known William. There were rumors that Charles and his daughter-in-law had a complex relationship at the start of her marriage to William, though; Charles supposedly wasn’t so impressed with Kate after her first overseas trip with her new husband.

Still, it’s unclear if those rumors were true; Hello Magazine reports that Kate said that Charles was “ very, very welcoming and very friendly” to her upon her and William’s engagement announcement. Plus, Charles said he was “delighted” by the news of the couple tying the knot. It’s possible that Kate simply had plenty to learn upon marrying into the family, and she has now had more than a decade to perfect her persona and handling of royal engagements.

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton
Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Richard Pohle/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

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Prince Charles was concerned for Kate Middleton when she was hospitalized during pregnancy

Charles’ and Kate’s close bond came to light back in 2015, when she was pregnant with her and William’s first child, Prince George. Kate had been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, also known as acute morning sickness. HG, as it’s called, is rare, with less than 2% of women dealing with the acute illness during pregnancy.

At one point, it became so bad for Kate that she had to be hospitalized, and, according to Express, Charles was deeply concerned for his daughter-in-law’s health. Charles was reportedly in a “panic,” possibly because it was Kate’s first child, and this was something new that the family was dealing with. When Kate was finally getting better, Charles expressed excitement over his daughter-in-law getting the medical treatment she needed. “I’m very glad my daughter-in-law is getting better, thank goodness,” Charles said, per Express. Kate has gone on to have two more children, but the morning sickness has not improved.

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed Prince George in 2015
Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed Prince George in 2015 | Mike Marsland/WireImage

Kate Middleton’s morning sickness could prevent her and William from having baby no. 4

There has been speculation that William and Kate might have a fourth child, though Kate mostly shot down the rumors after appearing on a parenting podcast several months ago. Still, some think it’s possible the couple could announce, given that Princess Eugenie and her husband just announced they’re expecting their first child.

Kate’s difficult morning sickness impacts her ability to complete royal engagements. During all three pregnancies, she had to sit out of several engagements because she was too sick to attend. Having a fourth child would likely create the same problems, as her HG would likely return. Still, it’s unclear whether the two will announce a fourth pregnancy.