Prince William Doesn’t Want Prince George to Know He Is the Future King of England — Here’s Why

Despite their royal status, Prince William and Kate Middleton have done what they can to ensure their children grow up in a normal environment. And, one of the things they are most strict about is telling their son, Prince George, about his future role in the royal family. Find out why Prince William doesn’t want Prince George to know he is the future King of England, ahead.

Does Prince George know he will be king?

Prince George
Prince George doesn’t know he is third in line to the British throne. | Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images

Whether he likes it or not, Prince George will one day ascend the throne and become King of England. But, right now, he has no idea of his fate.

While he can’t keep the secret forever, Prince William has decided to wait on telling his eldest son about his future role. “As far as we are concerned within our family unit, we are a normal family. I love my children in the same way any father does, and I hope George loves me the same way any son does to his father,” Prince William shared in an interview. “We are very normal in that sense. There’ll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in, in the world. But right now, it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing as much love as I can as a father,” he added.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis
Prince William wants to wait to tell his son of his fate. | Dominic LipinskiI/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to wanting normalcy for their son, a big reason why they are choosing to wait to tell Prince George stems from Prince William’s own experiences. According to reports, the Duke of Cambridge found out he is second in line to the British throne and, subsequently, the future King of England at a young age. And, he feels that the enormity of the role put an enormous amount of pressure on him when he was too young to deal with it. Because of his own struggles, he (and Kate Middleton) chose to hold off on telling Prince George about his future “career.”

What does Prince George want to be when he grows up?

Right now, Prince George has no idea that his career has already been decided for him, which has allowed him to dream up his own future. Like other five-year-old boys, the Prince of Cambridge has a fire truck and police car obsession — he even asked Santa Claus for one last Christmas.

Prince George
Prince George loves police cars. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And although he hasn’t specifically stated that he wishes to become a policeman, Prince William has hinted at his career interests. While visiting with the Metropolitan Police Excellence Award Winners in March 2018, Prince William mentioned his son’s love of cop cars. “We’re only based just down the road in Kensington and I said to him ‘Perhaps Prince George and Princess Charlotte could join the police cadets,” one of the awardees shared after the meeting. Apparently, Prince William replied with “Well he [Prince George] does like the police at the moment.”

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