What Languages Do Prince George and Princess Charlotte Speak?

In the royal family, learning a foreign language isn’t exactly a royal rule, but it is highly recommended. Because much of their jobs involves traveling to foreign countries and meeting with world leaders, members of the royal family start to learn foreign languages at a young age and continue their education into adulthood. Case in point: Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already quite the linguists! How many languages do Prince George and Princess Charlotte speak? Find out, ahead.

Prince George Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte and Prince George | Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

What languages do Prince George and Princess Charlotte speak?

Learning a foreign language isn’t just a royal family thing — it’s a worldwide thing. Albeit not as popular in the states, many people around the world are bilingual and some (including many members of the royal family) are multilingual. At five and three-years-old, Prince George and Princess Charlotte can speak quite a bit of Spanish.

According to reports, Prince George could count up to ten in Spanish at just four-years-old. And, Princess Charlotte started speaking Spanish to her nanny at the age of two.  

Royal family foreign languages

Prince George and Princess Charlotte aren’t the only royals to learn a foreign language at a young age. Many other members of the royal family started learning new languages early in their childhood. What languages do members of the royal family speak? Find out, below.


Queen Elizabeth and many of her family members are fluent (or close to it) in French. Her Majesty likely learned how to speak the language from her tutor and governess, Marion Crawford. In addition to the queen, Prince Philip also speaks French, as well as their children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Prince William and Kate Middleton also know French and, rumor has it, Meghan Markle might know a little, too.


German isn’t as popular in the royal family. However, one royal is fluent in the foreign language. Prince Philip allegedly grew up speaking three languages — including German — in his family.


Meghan Markle knows a little Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. While visiting Edinburgh with Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex was overheard saying “Salamat Po,” which means “thank you” in the language.  


Africa is a special place to members of the royal family, including Prince William who allegedly taught himself the language. The Duke of Cambridge isn’t fluent but knows enough to get by and give speeches while visiting the countries that speak the language.


Prince Charles and Prince William both speak Welsh. However, Prince William is likely more fluent than his father. The British heir studied a little Welsh in college, just before he was crowned Prince of Wales. And, after Prince Charles expressed his desire for his son to be fluent in Welsh by the time he is Prince of Wales, Prince William started learning the language at a young age. Some reports also claim that he might have studied the language for six months after graduating from college.


Both Prince Charles and Prince William are quite the linguists. In addition to speaking Welsh, French, and a little Swahili, the two also know some Gaelic.


A few members of the royal family can also speak Russian. Prince Michael of Kent and his wife, Princess Michael allegedly know the language.

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