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Though their children have been in the spotlight since they were born, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have worked diligently to make sure that their three children have as normal childhoods as possible.

Despite their hectic schedules, the duke and duchess are extremely hands-on parents. They often take time to have holidays with their children away from the chaos of their lives. Also, amid the current state of our globe where self-isolation and social distancing is being promoted, the Cambridges are home with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis every day.

Along with their desire for their kids to have great childhoods and advocating for play over accessive screen time, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also have a strict bedtime for their kiddos.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have adorable bedrooms

Though the Cambridges live in the massive apartment 1A at Kensington Palace, their home is very modern. We’ve gotten glimpses of the inside of their home over the years, and the pair have shared the designs for their children’s bedrooms as well.

In 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge told Marcus Engman, IKEA’s Head of Design that she and Prince William chose IKEA to decorate their children’s bedrooms. Since Prince George is obsessed with dinosaurs, police cars, and fire trucks, we can assume that those toys and themes are splashed all across the tiny prince’s bedroom. Princess Charlotte might have pieces that whimsical and reminiscent of Disney princess which Prince William says she adores. Prince Louis will just be transitioning out of a crib soon. The littlest prince’s bedroom is decorated with a classic theme, Peter Rabbit. It is full of warm blues and whimsy.

“While [Kate Middleton and Prince William] feel it’s important to make them aware of their backgrounds, it’s also vital for both George and Charlotte to have as much normalcy in their lives as possible,” a royal insider told US Weekly.

The Cambridge children have a very strict bedtime

Bedtimes are very important in the Cambridge household. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have a strict bedtime of 7 p.m., and there are no exceptions. 

When their parents aren’t able to tuck them in for the evening, the kiddos’ nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is present to do the honors. “There will be no messing,” Norland Nanny expert Louise Heren revealed to The Sun. “That’s because Maria will be aware that as they step off planes, holding mum’s hands, smiling and waving to the crowds, there can’t be any crying or terrible twos or tantrums.”

Inside the Cambridge kids’ bedtime routine

While Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are home, bedtimes are extra special. During a February 2020 visit to South Wales, the duke and duchess spotted a young royal fan reading Julia Donaldson’s Room On The Broom. “I read this to our children all the time,” Prince William revealed.

An insider explained to US Weekly, “As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play and encouraging an active imagination. They’re very much a normal family.”