Inside Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Lavish School Lunch

Though there is a ton of drama happening in the British royal family right now, including Prince Andrew’s scandal and Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s resignation, the littlest royals are still living their best lives.

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, have taken extra special care to shield their children from the spotlight as much as possible. Though Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis might have some inkling that they are different from other children, for the most part, they are blissfully enjoying their childhoods.

However, there is one thing that the little royal foodies have that other children across the globe might not experience — and that’s their lavish school lunches.

This is where Princess Charlotte and Prince George attend school

Though Prince Louis is still too young to attend school, Princess Charlotte and Prince George both attend Thomas’s Battersea — a private Christan school in London.

The school has quite a reputation and it’s certainly fit for royalty with an astounding price tag of $24,000 a year per pupil. According to Thomas’s Battersea’s website, the school is a “busy, thriving, purposeful school that offers a rich and broad curriculum.”

In addition to the school’s “Be Kind” mantra, the students have a ton of extracurriculars to choose from including, “fencing, philosophy, gardening, and pottery.” The little royals are known as the Cambridges by their friends and classmates. Supermodel Cara Delevinge and singer Florence Welsh both attended the school when they were younger.

Inside Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s lavish school lunches

Though we don’t exactly remember school lunches fondly — the little royals will have different memories. The school is on a three-week cycle when it comes to their lunch menus, and they are fed according to what’s fresh for the season. The Sun is reporting that meat is not served on Fridays. Instead, the kiddies are giving options like tomato paninis and macaroni cheese. The newspaper says, “more substantial meals when the days turn cold.”

In addition to lunch, the students are served a mid-morning snack, bread and soup, a main course and a pudding each day. “The Thomas’s school lunches are the envy of the parents, their school chefs are first class,” an insider told The Sun. “French onion soups, salmon dishes with dauphinoise potatoes plus an array of amazing puddings are the daily fare. Snacks are fruit and vegetables which are sourced daily. No sugar loading is permitted.”

These are Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s favorite foods

Like most children, Princess Charlotte adores pasta with cheese. However, unlike most kiddos, she’s also fond of olives — so clearly she has wonderful taste. Prince George also loves similar flavors. He too is a fan of olives and any other Italian cuisine that he get his hands on –especially pasta and breads.

When they’re at home, the prince and princess love making meals with their mother, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge in their kitchen. In Spring 2018, the duchess aid, “Duchess Kate Middleton explained, “They love it because they can get their hands messy.”

We love that these two have large palates.