Royal Experts Knew There Was Something Very Wrong After Seeing Prince Harry During His 2019 Royal Tour in Africa

The British press has watched every intricate detail of the British royal family for generations. The press and public watched Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William grow up in front of their eyes. Even during his tumultuous teen years, the red-head prince was always beloved by fans.

Therefore, when he found love with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, people were overjoyed. Though he was deeply in love with his wife, the media frenzy surrounding Meghan was very reminiscent of what Princess Diana had endured.

As a result and having very little support from his family, the prince began to shift and change. In fact, months before Megxit was announced, royal experts realized something was very wrong.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were struggling in the British royal family

It was no secret that the Sussexes were having a challenging time weathering the storm that the Britsh press threw upon then following their 2018 wedding. Though they seemed to adore Meghan at first, the press quickly found ways to pick her apart, often using her paternal family to terrorize her and hurl racist and sexist rhetoric her way.

Determined to protect his wife, Prince Harry often went to his father and grandmother for help. Unfortunately, he was told to simply “ignore it.”

“Meghan said Harry made it crystal clear that they could not function in good faith under the current system…and that if it wasn’t revised and updated to their liking, they would have no other choice than to break from the royal family,” an insider explained to Daily Mail. “She said no one took his pleas seriously, so they had to take the issue into their own hands. This was about protecting the family and doing right by Princess Diana. She said the British tabloids have haunted Harry since childhood and should have been kicked out of the media pool long ago. The system is broken and Harry wanted to fix it. She said he needed to take a stand and now they are doing it together.”

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth had grown increasingly concerned about Prince Harry’s behavior

Though the senior royals were well aware of the harassment the Duchess of Sussex had been ensuring, Prince Harry’s behavior was also extremely alarming.

“On many occasions, he has also seemed to be a shadow of himself: miserable, tense, sulky, and even emasculated,” royal expert Angela Levin wrote in her 2019 book, Harry: Conversations with the Prince, “It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but perhaps all the changes Meghan has encouraged him to adopt have temporarily made him no longer feel quite himself. He also seems to be less active. In 2018 he only fulfilled 193 royal engagements compared to 507 undertaken by Prince Charles. He is emotionally vulnerable and has no wish to contradict a charismatic and extremely determined wife. I have been told from an insider that both the Queen and Prince Charles are very worried about him.”


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Royal experts realized there was something wrong after seeing Prince Harry on tour in South Africa

For the most part, the Sussxes presented a united front with the royal family. However, in October 2019, during their royal tour to South Africa, royal experts began to realize something was wrong.

In ITV’s Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, Prince Harry gave a shockingly candid interview about his current mental health and the tension he was having with his brother., Prince William. It raised all kinds of alarms.

“Something’s wrong,” royal expert Penny Juror said at the time. “He looked burdened and playing the victim, which does not sit comfortably with him.”  Less than three months later the Sussexes announced Megxit.