Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have an ‘Exaggerated Idea’ of How Important They Are, Royal Expert Says

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex got married in 2018, the couple has received nonstop criticism for their unconventional behavior in the royal family.

Now, a royal expert is sharing with the world his belief that some Harry and Meghan’s decisions in the past few years have a simple explanation: the couple’s “exaggerated idea of their own importance.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly upset by the royal family’s hierarchy

According to the book Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Harry and Meghan decided to step down as senior royals in early 2020 partly because of their annoyance at the royal family’s hierarchy, which benefits those who are closer to the throne like Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

As Vanity Fair reported, Harry and Meghan were “jealous of the Cambridges’ autonomy and felt William and Kate were always given priority over them.” Furthermore, the book alleged that the Sussexes felt “they were a major draw for the royal family,” but their work “had to take a backseat” to what William and Kate wanted to do.

Naturally, after distancing themselves from the royal family, Harry and Meghan moved to the U.S. to pursue their own goals. The couple began speaking out about many causes they believe in and signed a deal with Netflix to produce their own content on the streaming platform.

A royal expert thinks the Sussexes have an ‘exaggerated idea’ of how important they are

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There are a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding the problems the Sussexes faced in the royal family. However, according to royal author Robert Lacey, some of the couple’s problem came from their highly idealistic view of themselves.

In his book Battle of Brothers, Lacey gave an example of this situation by talking about Harry and Meghan’s decision to make their son Archie’s christening private. The couple also shirked royal traditions by not releasing the identity of Archie’s godparents, which baffled William.

 “‘Friends’ of William suggested that the future king, only five places clear of Archie in the order of succession, could not comprehend how such a basic matter of constitutional principle had been misunderstood,” Lacey said, as reported by Mirror.

The author continued, “What does such bizarre and paranoid behaviour indicate about the parents involved? One thing we may conclude is that Harry and Meghan had developed an exaggerated idea of their own importance. The months since their marriage had demonstrated that the couple share a common character flaw — they both have a tendency to cascade downwards from their peaks of generous self-confidence into miserable moments of self-pitying victimhood.”

Some fans think Meghan also misunderstood how the royal family works

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It seems a lot of onlookers also agree with Lacey and have made similar observations about Harry and Meghan. More specifically, some fans also think Meghan joined the royal family without fully understanding how different monarchy is from the celebrity world she was a part of as an actor.

“My random theory is that Meghan thought the BRF cares about media attention and popularity in the same way [as] celebrities… I think she looked at Diana’s fame, saw how William and Harry benefited from that, and thought that if she made a big splash and was really popular, she could use that popularity to make some changes in the BRF,” one person said on Reddit.

Another user agreed and compared Meghan to “someone who got a promotion to a role they can’t handle but who was doing their previous job just fine.”