Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries Trailer Shows ‘Weapons-Grade Narcissism,’ Paints Kate Middleton as the Villain, Expert Says

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire after the release of the trailer for their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. One royal expert slammed the couple for the “weapons-grade narcissism” in the trailer and how it paints Kate Middleton as the villain.

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Expert analyzes the tone of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries trailer

Royal expert Sarah Vine weighed in with her analysis of the trailer, writing in a Daily Mail post how it started off “so much like a really annoying advert for life insurance.”

The tone changed, however. “The mood turns dark. Meghan, hair scraped into a bun, weeping cross-legged in a white chair next to a white orchid. The sound of a flashbulb exploding, and — oh, look — here’s the Princess of Wales looking thunderous, her mouth downturned, her expression hard,” Vine wrote.

She added, “Next to her is the Queen Consort, also unsmiling. Pointedly behind them sits Meghan, a vision of angelic purity in white (like the orchid, get it?), oppressed and marginalized by her wicked stepmother and sister-in-law.”

Vine didn’t hold back with her analysis, taking aim at the comment Meghan makes in the trailer. “’When the stakes are this high,’ she asks, ‘doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?’”

The royal expert found fault with this statement. “Sorry, what stakes? The royal stipend and the Windsor cottage instead of all those Netflix millions?,” she wrote.

Kate Middleton is painted as the villain in the trailer, expert says

Vine moved on from Meghan’s comment about the stakes being high and pointed out how it was obvious that the Sussexes painted Kate as a villain in the trailer.

“The point is: it’s all ghastly, and it’s all the fault of the royal family,” Vine noted. “Specifically, the Princess of Wales.”

She added, “Short of drawing a goatee and a pair of horns on Kate, they could not have painted her more clearly as the villain of the piece.”

According to Vine, Harry and Meghan portray themselves as victims in the doc trailer. “The weapons-grade narcissism of this trailer is astonishing,” she wrote. “As is the fact that, in true Sussex style, they have cast themselves as victims while acting as out-and-out aggressors.”

Vine continued, “This, of course, is their trademark tactic, and has been since their Oprah Winfrey interview. But this new bombshell is next-level stuff. For the past few years, there’s always been a sense that the only thing stopping Harry and Meghan from going full tonto was the presence of the prince’s grandmother.”

She added, “But with her late Majesty out the way, nothing and no one now stands between them and their apparent mission to destroy the royal family — and particularly William and Kate.”


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Royal expert says the Sussexes’ ‘level of betrayal is biblical’

Vine called the trailer “a declaration of war and it cannot be ignored,” pointing to the timing of its release after William and Kate had arrived for a visit to the US.

“It’s hard to find an unsmiling (or unflattering) photo of Kate, yet they’ve managed it,” the expert commented. “The whole thing is a masterclass in passive-aggressive media manipulation, deftly casting the princess as the wicked sister-in-law, with Meghan as the helpless victim.”

Vine called the trailer “terribly sad,” noting that Prince William has extended an olive branch to Harry in the past but this “all-out attack” on Kate complicates their relationship.

“It’s a level of betrayal that is truly biblical, and it is hard to see how the repercussions of the Sussexes’ attack can be anything less than devastating,” Vine notes.